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  1. It comes down to the players you play with. As far as I'm concerned, either it's with friends who play the same way I do (respectfully) and then it's fun, or I don't even venture on pubs.
  2. I've played it on a colleague's PSP this week, and quite frankly it's pure genius. It's just fun fun fun and fun....the sounds are amazingly refreshing and make you laugh and the whole art direction is just brilliant.
  3. That's the same for DoD:S, but it's a directX related issue, which you can easily solve by adding -dxlevel 80 to your Hammer shortcut. I know I don't have any issues with the SDK since I fixed that.
  4. Yeah I definitely can't wait to try it. Hope it turns out good, but I am confident. I've been slowing the dev of my new map to try and see if it could be turned into an objective one....
  5. Actua Soccer on the PC first, then WC 98 on the PSX
  6. Exceptional by all means. Congrats to the company for being able to get you
  7. Yeah it's Highlander, we (dod-federation.com) just tested RC4. Almost done
  8. Thx again for helping Jake Vivi His map is quite good too
  9. The thing I like best is it's pretty big for a demo. If the game is proportionally as long as the demo, then it means hours of fun.
  10. Is it just for paying subscribers for now? Edit: nevermind, a colleague is taking it from Gamer's Hell
  11. fletch, it is my understanding cubemaps are borked since the update and they shouldn't be built in the first place. Others have noticed the problem really only happens with Ati card owners. Bottom line, I wouldn't even bother finding a fix for the cubemaps, especially since you have still lots to do on the map.
  12. Needs some displacement too But the architecture remains top notch as it is
  13. Bah, don't listen to Ginger the Viking Lord, he doesn't know how good the Londoners get it compared to Parisians....freaking hate that city with a passion but I love London. Good luck with the job, I'm sure you'll enjoy it
  14. The dx8 fix works for me, and I have upgraded my ati drivers when Episode I was released. Maybe that's the soft spot too. This is the wiki page about this problem: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SDK_workaround
  15. Actually they have Prey coming out on July 13th on the 360, so it shows they still can release games, even after 8 years....
  16. So I take it, since it's onsite, that you're only looking for people with US working permit? Or does Gearbox help you get one?
  17. Thx for the pics. Am I the only one that's not as impressed by these as the original stuff looked back in 02? I mean, comparatively to Unreal 3 and Crysis...
  18. Congrats on your achievement, it certainly takes talent to work for QW. Can't wait to see your portfolio
  19. Release date confirmed on their official site: 1st trimester 2007: http://www.stalker-game.com/index_eng.html
  20. Either it was sarcastic and I was too daft to see it, or it wasn't and I couldn't disagree more. My parents let me do all that at an even younger age than Hamst3r here, and I never ever deceived their trust, nor have I turned into a lunatic psycho. Back on topic, one can always count on a demagogue politician to try and rack up the votes. Now if education clearly was a priority in the US, maybe the citizens would learn not to vote for those nutjobs?
  21. Furyo

    The System Episode

    That is indeed very cool and very well done for DN
  22. And just how much PC power one needs is anyone's guess....that's certainly very impressive. Can't wait to see it with my own eyes, besides the HD videos
  23. Actually I heard just the opposite. They were tired of going on 5-6 years projects without releasing anything, so they went the opposite way (episodes) while preparing an HL3 which would be as revolutionary tech wise as HL1 and HL2 were for their times...
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