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  1. Mandatory post BioShock Infinite update: www.froughol.com
  2. Had no idea who he was, but I'm shedding tears now after watching his entire video.
  3. Furthermore (as I agree with every point made so far), a study last year showed that Metacritic score only ever impacts sales when that score is 90+. And there again, you could make the argument that the score only reflects a universally acclaimed title that sells so well precisely because it's universally acclaimed and NOT because suddenly your neighbor and his goldfish are browsing Metacritic (Chicken and egg argument). When the future of your game/studio hangs in the balance of Metacritic (never happened to me, but I know it has elsewhere); something is seriously fucked up. We should
  4. The engine you use to create a scene matters not, your artistic skills are everything (composition, lighting, modeling, texturing, atmosphere,etc)
  5. Wow. speechless http://en.wikipedia....d_Knee_Massacre
  6. You damn well should, this is a good game!
  7. It's the combination for the locked elevator that leads from Emporia into Downtown Emporia. Pay attention to the scene where Songbird comes through the window. Liz also enters the combination ahead of the player getting to the elevator once the scene is over.
  8. Recently finished Hitman Absolution and slowly making my way through all the challenges I have left to unlock. I really loved the game despite some flaws in its missions during the second half of the game, where the game managed to forget all the tools a hitman usually would use only to get you through tedious spaces. When it shines, in the first half of the game, it really does though. I call this game the most underrated game of last year.
  9. +1 on the banner. The rest of the work is quite stunning given you haven't finished your studies yet. I particularly like that you have already done so many side projects, of very different calibre too.
  10. Exactly the point I stopped Far Cry at. Never finished it due to that. Had to look up a walkthrough after 30 attempts at clearing that crater. Only to realize I was doing it right all along, just that it was insanely difficult.
  11. It is real. But it's a prototype. The end one will surely look different
  12. Not going (once again) this year. kinda bummed about it, never been to GDC before... Congrats Rob With 5 nominations, I'm really hoping you pick at least one home
  13. This is the most excited about the industry I've been since I joined it. I want to see this succeed so bad.
  14. Funny how some games (cough cough splinter cell) got scared away from the potential May release window and now end up exactly in the same ballpark with GTA V
  15. Furyo

    Furyo's Photos

    Not much of an update at all, but I finally got around to picking up my tripod (all previous shots were done holding the camera...to some devastating motion blur). Picked up the Oben AC-1410 4-Section Aluminum Tripod with BA-0 Ball Head from BH, as an all around great entry level tripod for travellers. Set up on my balcony to test it tonight with my 16-35:
  16. Just bought Lego Lord of the Rings on the midweek madness. God help me. All kidding aside, my second lego game after the Complete Saga. It's got some nice new mechanics since I last checked these games out, like the ability to play quests for people. I love going around in Middle Earth (the scale is maybe 1/100th, so you're on Weathertop the moment you leave Bree) but it has so many great little comical moments all along the key scenes of the movies that every LOTR fan should try it out.
  17. Apparently, Vigil is dead. Everyone else got picked up. Ubi picked South Park and THQ Montreal (ironic for Patrice). Take Two picks up the new project from Turtle Rock.
  18. http://www.polygon.com/2012/12/23/3798364/bioshock-infinite-reverse-cover-art-revealed Happy now?
  19. Oh I always liked Darksiders. I picked it up in the humble bundle THQ put together for charity, as I originally had played it on 360. It's exactly what you said, a Zelda/God of War baby. Adult Zelda for everything, God of War for the combat, minus the over the top cinematics. The great thing about Darksiders besides putting Vigil Games on the map, is that it remains this good all the way until the end. Note of warning though, the game has aged rather poorly for the PC. Details are very low, and the world is empty. During a party yesterday night, I got a chance to play Unfinished Swan, which
  20. Somehow I'm playing through Darksiders once again after originally beating the game in early 2009. Oh and I also finished The Walking Dead episode 4 and 5 that I hadn't played yet.
  21. Furyo

    Furyo's Photos

    Oh yes, the shots you see are (mostly) all the ones I have worked on in Lightroom. That's the other part I want to work on, particularly how to overcome the issue of screen calibration as I'm getting different results on different screens.
  22. Furyo

    Furyo's Photos

    I have never (yet) thought about photography with this mindset, as I want to shoot for myself. I understand the approach you have, much more artistic and communicative, and I think at one point I'll get to that. For the time being, it's always been about my eyes wandering and seeing something. I can't even really explain it, I just take the shots the way my eyes saw them, never overthinking what others viewpoint might be. Very selfish. I do have a point and shoot, a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 since 2009. I haven't used it in a long while. I'm rarely in a place where I want to take pictures, as wor
  23. Furyo

    Furyo's Photos

    I find myself being a LOT more drastic these days with my shots, usually keeping about 1-5% of all shots I take. It wasn't always the case, and for what it's worth, I find myself wanting to delete pictures that others enjoy, To be very blunt, I have never shot a picture that I was 100% happy about. It's always either the composition or the lighting that I like, never both I keep the shots also as a reference of what to work on in the future. Hopefully I get better now that I have some free time to invest in photography as opposed to just pointing and shooting. 2012 was a crunch year No po
  24. Furyo

    Furyo's Photos

    Thought I'd drop my flickr page here as well for feedback http://www.flickr.com/photos/francoisroughol I started getting back in photography about 18 months ago, after a very long hiatus since high school. I started shooting with my father's 350D and stock 18-55 and 70-200. Now that I am in Boston, I got my own rebel t2i (550D) with three lenses: 16-35 f2.8 L II USM; 50 prime EF f1.8 and 70-200 f2.8 L IS USM. Looking to upgrade to a full sensor (Mark II) some time in the future. All feedback appreciated.
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