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  1. I'll be there too Very much looking forward to it
  2. You can't make one union, you need to make as many unions as there are countries, or at least regions. Legally speaking, the unions in the US wouldn't even work in Europe, and vice versa. I still think we're going to see one being made, but it will be some time before it happens. We need to wait for the proper conditions to be met, which are: - Shift of negotiating power from publishers to content makers - Global consolidation of the different segments of the market in a specific city/region (think all AAA in X, all indie in Y etc like Hollywood and multiple festivals) - Less "This is my dream career, I will do whatever I can" mentality and more "This is a great job and I love it, but I'm not going to bend over and take it" on the part of developers. Look back on the history of Hollywood, you'll see the same patterns before unions were created. But we're decades away (comparatively) from that. If United Artists being created by Chaplin and co as a reaction against the main studios is our equivalent of the indie scene bursting out from EA and Activision, then we still have to wait a bit.
  3. Thanks Sprony Means a lot to more people than you would imagine. On the subject of layoffs, here's my latest article on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140226221055-14325978-rational-layoffs-and-the-transformation-of-the-aaa-games-industry?trk=prof-post
  4. I've had so much fun with the beta, my laptop could barely run this thing at 640*480 Honestly, I haven't played many MPs at all since my Day of Defeat days, aside from a 6 months stint of Left 4 Dead. This reminds me so much of the Quake III Arena days. The same intensity, the same "almost-too-tight" maps that always leave you with one escape route but bring so much adrenaline in. I loved playing it.
  5. I've been interviewing a lot lately, so I'm pretty much set for the time being. Get in touch with vivi over PM to see if he needs some help. If you're looking to help outside of Mapcore, please go on Twitter and use the hashtag #IrrationalJobs to see all of the great talent recently let go
  6. We were three, all laid off in the first round of economic layoffs that happened in September last year. Patrick_H is no longer on Mapcore I think, vivi, and myself. All level designers. As for talking about what happened, we can't so don't ask
  7. Yes Sentura, the last piece of DLC is included in the season pass
  8. I hope Gravity wins absolutely every category it's nominated in.
  9. They're very simply continuing to turn the Titanic around. They were once dominant on Facebook, so much so that their stock followed Facebook's through financial deals both parties had signed. They're now trying to become relevant on the mobile market, the only one that is going well for the types of games they know how to make. They had one of two choices in order to do that: the long route is trying to shift everything internally and acquire the knowledge over time, the short route is buying a well established player who can easily transfer all knowledge much faster. Given they had the money, they went for the short route, especially with all the pressure they're getting from their investors. The move to cut the workforce is a simple cost-cutting move to instill confidence in their shareholders. Read, the shareholders asked for these cuts to be made so they would back the acquisition of Natural Motion.
  10. Just got Batman Arkham Origins. It doesn't reinvent anything, and provides more of the same to fans. At 25 bucks, it's worth it.
  11. It's one thing to say that one should always welcome feedback, it's an entirely different thing to be able to give it and receive it while respecting every single person's personality and cultural background. I have worked with hundreds of different devs, and you have to be able to discern how the person would like to receive his feedback if you want it to bear fruits. It's very hard, and no one can possibly get it right all the time. Factor in your own level of tiredness and complete frustration after a long day of work and months of crunch, and you can see how you can easily make enemies over nothing. I happen to love blunt feedback, I think that comes from the Internet School of the Valve Community, where playtesters would find a new reason to give you shit every other day; but not everyone grew up a modder. In a professional setting, you have to weigh in the years of experience of each individual, your own years of experience within the same company, your seniority level on the team, etc. Truth be told, you're bound to piss someone off some day.
  12. Best news I've had this month, this is awesome man
  13. Business deals JSL, business deals.
  14. Still looking for a job, anyone needs a good designer ?:)

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    2. Furyo


      I like the sentiment Sprony ;) hell, I might just be able to make myself into anything I want :)

    3. Sprony


      No problem and remember: "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable".

      You'll land on your feet Furyo, don't worry.

    4. Furyo


      :) I know I will, actually the only question is which two feet are those going to be ;)
  15. Furyo


    What happens in the case of divers not respecting the proper decompression levels is the air in your lungs expands in your lungs faster than the lungs themselves expand to their normal ATA (atmosphere pressure in open air at sea level). So in severe cases, you literally blow your lungs up (and you know, the veins and every other organ that contains fluids that also get compressed by water pressure. That's why you're always supposed to let air out of your nose or mouth as you get back to the surface, even when scuba diving. 1 ATA = roughly 15 psi (air has weight, therefore applies pressure, of about 15 pounds per square inch (psi) at sea level, and every 33 feet (11 meters) of salt water adds 1 ATA to the amount of pressure a diver feels. Anyway, went to see Gravity tonight in IMAX 3D and two thoughts immediately came to mind: - No one should ever attempt to make a survival movie again, as Gravity just mastered every single aspect of it. - For the very first time ever, I felt that 3D made the movie better as opposed to being just a gimmick in all other movies. And that's a huge accomplishment
  16. Buying day 1. So proud of Ubi Montpellier for this game.
  17. Furyo


    I too share a lot of the same issues you guys have been discussing, or rather I used to. My going to the gym before work in the morning helped me getting a LOT more tired much earlier at night, and with the combined help of a airplane sleep mask that helps me keep my deep sleep pattern when the sun goes up, I am now sleeping better than ever. Actually I only get pissy and tired when I DON'T go to the gym. A couple things you guys can consider: - Give yourself a cool down period between your last screen activity (PC, tv) and your going to bed time. Otherwise your brain will be in hyper activity from both what you were doing and the bright screen keepng your eyes up and alert way past their bedtime. - Have a doctor test you for sleep apnea. It's a far more common problem than you might think, and really destroys the quality of your sleep as well as your healh. Sleep apnea is breathing difficulties during your sleep, which while not waking you up most times, will create a lack of oxygen to your brain while you sleep. Worst cases of sleep apnea last over 30 seconds, multiple times per hour, all night long. Those most prone to having it would generally feel continuously tired even when sleeping 8+ hours. There is no cure for it, but you can get a machine by your night rest that will force oxygen down your lungs while you sleep to force your air ways and lungs fully functioning at night. Works wonders.
  18. This is how I view this entire clusterfuck of a shame. http://penny-arcade.com/report/article/swimming-in-a-sea-of-shit-the-internets-war-against-creatives
  19. Nothing yesterday that was very interesting. So far, still only bought 3 games: Fez, Tomb Raider (both are completed already) and SS2. Let's see what today brings
  20. Don't know how I did it, but I got your surname right on the first try when adding your portfolio to the thread I like the folio too, good job on the presentation !
  21. Picked up SS2 just now, time to play what some of my colleagues made when I wasn't even a gamer...
  22. Just finished Fez today, pretty fun although the structure of the game leaves something to be desired early on, with so little direction you end up having to backtrack quite a bit to pick every cube up. Started Tomb Raider, loving the execution so far. Very varied gameplay ideas too, and a tight experience to boot. Perfect balance achieved.
  23. I loathed FF8 with a passion. Played it at 20, whereas I played FF7 at age 17. By 20, the angsty teenager mob that FF8 is infested with really pissed me off. In comparison, FF7 was so much more of an instant classic with its story that could enchant 5 year olds to 99 year olds. Just purely magical. Minos, yeah the game holds up, absolutely. Of course the graphics department is going to make your eyes squint a bit, but gameplay is still among the very best in the genre, story is the all-time environmental protection classic, characters are (mostly) deep and interesting, the entire game suffers no slow part.
  24. Yeah I'm gonna hold off on getting that, a) because the price is kinda steep, and b) because just reading through the achievements made me relive one of 5 or 6 complete walkthroughs I've played of FF7 over the years. I just know it by heart at this point.
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