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  1. So psyched for Forrest and the team to have managed this very successful Kickstarter campaign. The team is made of the nicest most talented devs I've seen in a very long time, and it was my first time backing a kickstarter. Can't wait for the game
  2. HP, when the fuck have you ever seen me do that? Leave ze freeench alone
  3. Some say he's an alien in a human suit, others say they've seen him on the streets of Montreal, all we know is we call him THE HURG
  4. Awesome, hope you ran into a great many people in the hallways as I did back a year ago. Still remember the look on Arsenio's face when I recognized him
  5. Those who know me know I love history and genealogy, and I just got to thinking that I've been a member of Mapcore for 8 1/2 years now, dating back to my first modding days. In internet years, it's a century.... I was curious if you guys would like to share your story that got you here on Mapcore? Mine is pretty straightforward. I had joined the crew of beta testers from CoJ (Crowbars of Justice) for Day of Defeat Source back in April of 2005 with members like insta and skdr. That gave us all a huge advantage over every other modder in that we could start mapping for the game before it even came out. Back then, the Source SDK was barely running in Steam, and lots of tinkering with the FGD file later, I was learning 3D and Source when I wasn't playtesting the game. It was legendary modder Waldo, of the original DoD team who suggested that I join Mapcore when my first map, a piece of crap by all measuring standards, finally hit the shelves in Feb. 2006. That piece of crap, along with a convincing test, allowed me to join the industry two weeks later at Ubisoft Montpellier. Barely one map under my belt, and I had Mapcore to thank for partly landing me a job. It's been a lot of fun since then seeing all the great talent I was dreaming of becoming as good as all join the industry one by one. This was your sunday evening melancolic story, now share yours
  6. It's been 7 years since I ran a mod team and shipped a mod, but if you should like some help with this endeavour, I'm all yours.
  7. Preparing my first class I'll teach on Wednesday. Kinda weird to be working on stuff like that, I guess I'm just not used to it. It's a one-off thing for now too. Using The Last of Us (LD masterpiece) to teach these fine young people at Supinfogame about narrative, exposition and tutorials through LD in intro levels. I'll post everything online once the class is done.
  8. Please tell me this is an ipad you're holding.
  9. In chronological order Secret of Monkey Island (narrative driven addiction to the world) Final Fantasy VII (most relatable young teenager hero story ever, and most dream-inducing backstory in a game I've played) Half-Life 2 (Incredible near future sci-fi that made the world it took place in so believable) God of War (Perfect story of revenge, game that screamed at me its unrelenting "I don't give a fuck" attitude) Left 4 Dead (Absolute perfection in storytelling or lack thereof, making every action resonate even more) The Last of US (Most believable post-apocalyptic real world locations ever made, plus Ashley Johnson's incredible acting) Beyond: Two Souls (For the first time, a purely cinematic experience made me care about its main protagonist)
  10. My thoughts on the rumored purchase: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140911112110-14325978-minecraft-is-a-2-billion-ip-grab-microsoft-will-need-to-recoup-somehow?trk=mp-edit-rr-posts
  11. Seen as I hate the world as it is, I'm looking forward to how much more I'll hate it when I have kids
  12. Corwin, please let me know if you ever need to talk. I'm responsible for dragging your ass to Germany in the first place, and I don't want it to make you feel this way. You know I think the world of the family you have built. Your dedication to your craft is what made you so good, and your family is another reflection of that dedication. I really do think they go hand in hand together, and not opposite like you make it seem. Having a creative outlet is extraordinarily important, and in time you may be able to share more of your own outlets with your kids, which will improve things tremendously.
  13. It seems Activision is about to launch Sierra once more at Gamescom, and have a new logo teaser for it here:
  14. There is a difference between F2P as a business model and F2P as a game genre. Most people think of both as one thing, but it doesn't have to be that way. Like Frie said though, no one has cracked that formula just yet, mostly because we haven't found a way to break the traditional SP AAA production schedule into tiny bite size deliverables that can be priced in F2P mode. So F2P really just is mobile games and moba/online FPS games at this point because maps can be broken into parts. What we're really facing here is what Hollywood did with sitcoms like Friends, and 24, The Shield, The Wire, etc paving the way for all other series. We have to find a way to make AAA high end content in a relatively cheap but very fast way and write story episodes. Once we have that, we'll have the traditional AAA SP games again. For now, it's all online online online. Some people will always say with hindsight, you could say anything, so I'm calling it now, we haven't seen the end of the huge turmoil just yet.
  15. Apologies, I got the two confused....
  16. My reply is nonsense? I promise you no large AAA publisher would ever have looked at it twice when presented with it. Way too hardcore, no broad appeal, etc etc. It became a sleeper hit amongst the hardcore crowd and now other publishers will get the sense they can make those games too. But the risk to take on this franchise was way too high for such meager estimated rewards. That's the other problem it has going for itself, you can't grow the target demographic of Dark Souls to a comfortable size for a major AAA franchise the size these large publishers have. Risk averse also means passing by a few hits every now and then. Namco had to take the risk, and they did and won.
  17. Dark Souls had the sales of a great indie title, no large AAA publisher would ever look at it twice on paper. Hence why Bandai picked it up.
  18. The so-called bubble isn't really one. The drop in sales on those large franchises is a prolonged process that takes multiple installments over multiple years. It started last year for CoD, and Activision is now betting big on Destiny (rightfully so with 4.6 million beta players) so that franchise can take over. Ubisoft prepared The Division, Rainbow Six and Watch_Dogs to take over Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed (the latter still being hot). And some franchises can still be dead on arrival. Disney got a few of those recently (Prince of Persia should have been the new Pirates of the Carribean and failed utterly) just like EA pushing for a return of Medal of Honor failed bad too. Still not a sure bet, but the risk is much worse when banking big with these installments. Nintendo may have been in this business the longest, but year over year they've now lost big on two separate fiscal years. The WiiU is picking up some steam now that Mario Kart has come out, but if there is one company that is so inherently dependent on its big 1st party franchises, it's them.
  19. Please internet, get it right, it's Ken Levine not Kevin. That was the subject of so many jokes at Irrational too. Not a week would go by without Ken telling us someone had called him Kevin again Look, the argument of "what makes a game successful sales wise" is a tired old bitching fest amongst people who mostly have no idea about the financial aspects of game development (gamers) 1 million, 2 million, 3 million copies sold (either sold in or sold through, another distinction that needs to be made) is all relative. To a gamer it sounds like a huge amount. At 180 million $ revenue, how could you not be making money??? It's a lot more complicated to publishers. Publishers want their STOCK to rise. That's the job of all CEOs of all publicly traded companies. So 180 million $ of revenue seems like a lot to anyone, but when your competitor is selling millions of hats and dresses a month at 25 cents a pop is netting the same amount for 1/10th the investment and 1/20th the risk upfront, it doesn't matter that you made money, your STOCK will DROP. And that will cost you so much more than 180 Million $ that ultimately you will have lost money. That's the reason why infamous Bobby Kotick once said Activision was not interested in franchises that couldn't net 100 million dollars PROFIT per year. Not that there isn't good money to be made under that artificial limit. But because the resources of his company are better spent (read, create more stock value) working on those few franchises that do net that profit. That's why the AAA market has shrunk by 48% in the past 5 years (amount of AAA projects published in the Western world). And there would be plenty of other games to make for a B market of publishers and developers, but guess what, no investor wants to risk the cash so the B market died a not so long and painful death circa 2010. AAA is the Hollywood of the gaming industry. Risk averse companies consolidated the market around key franchises (like Hollywood) and won't spend their cash on anything that doesn't reach their top sales figures of the past few months, cause otherwise they go bust. It's better to win big on 3 games a year than to win some lose some on 20 titles a year. With the one exception that Hollywood is all centralized in LA, with offshoots in Vancouver, NY, etc to film on location, whereas the game industry still has centers in a few countries around the world.
  20. Now looking for work worldwide!

  21. Not that I know for sure this will happen, and far from me to wish for it too, but I'd be worried about ongoing development post HF2. Also, still very worried with future of Crytek as a developer. I understand they want to publish online games, and truthfully they should, but they also need to make these games or they won't have anything to publish.
  22. Everyone wants to be self publishing, everyone wants to make F2P and everyone is making a MOBA game. Fact of life, the market won't sustain them all. Edit: As a reminder, people at Crytek blamed the move to F2P everything as one of the reasons for this financial incident.
  23. Point the finger at that's the only fucking thing that everyone in this industry believes in any more. F2P MOBAs up the wazoo, few places under the sun and everyone else left with their eyes to cry in a year or so.
  24. That and the most killer dynamic sunlight at 2.5ms GPU render time
  25. Tiago is awesome, no doubt the best graphics engineer I've ever worked with. And a great chap to boot.
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