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  1. As far as I'm concerned, that will greatly change depending on the task at hand. My experience in this industry is varied, be that in level design, game design or tech tasks so the workflow associated to them has evolved along with my own experience. On any given day however, I feel that I can stay focused on work for very long stretches. However that ability is always deeply rooted with my own level of interest in the task at hand. And whenever that interest isn't there, I will struggle to find a way to make it interesting to me rather than brush it off and not work on it. Most of the time
  2. Hey Casey Nice of you to stop by the core and good luck with finding the right candidate You should probably mention these positions are for US citizens and those with US work permits Thanks
  3. It wasn't so bad at all, but it can prove stressful if you don't really know the levels by heart, which by our second attempt we did. Just finished getting all 50 achievements with e-freak, now it's time for some dlc
  4. and how even after however many hours it took, it never felt like you were doing the same things over and over. also, how does co-op with other players work? we checked the hub afterwards, and we both had ticks next to each level, but if you play with someone else, can you only play levels both of you have already completed, or does only one player need to have them unlocked? You can select whichever level you want once in the hub, whether one of two or both people have played them before. I'm doing my coop run with a friend in the US who had already gone through half of it himself bef
  5. Took me 9 hours on SP, looking around and figuring out puzzles, and I'm about 2/3rds through Coop after 3 hours in it. Plus I've already spent another 3 hours achievement hunting. So that means I've already spent more time playing Portal 2 than all my gaming time in 2011 so far, combined. (besides ipod gaming)
  6. Where's the like button? /facebook
  7. Just beat it too. Stellar design, perfect crafting, beautiful voice acting, most inspired dialogues ever. This game is just glorious
  8. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Because the only MP experience I'm willing to play is one I can control fully, with my own friends and only them, on our own rented server. No kids, no screaming, no insults, and I sure don't want to have to pay XBL on top to get in on that. My friends are on Steam, and Steam is the only platform that will allow us to do all this. And we play the games most of us have, which in turn proves to be Valve games. Gaming to me has always been, in the past until DoD, a SP only thing. I am much more enthusiastic about being immersed in a SP game by myself than raging about whoev
  9. Portal 2 = best Valve game so far. SP at its pinnacle. /disclaimer: I never play MP games except for some Valve games from time to time
  10. Awesome shot of San Marco man, reminds me of how low res the AC2 one was.....welcome to the core
  11. Yeah if Stockholm meet up still happens for me though, got some more interviews and tests lined up...
  12. Speaking of sexual arousal, you never invited me to your last big orgy going away party last friday you tool
  13. Its just like Bluray's that sell for 30 or more... its pathetic. Tron Legacy. 35 bucks, common now.. Original Tron Bluray is 30 bucks, are you serious??? Disney is a fucking joke with their pricing structure. Money grabbers. 'rant done' If you had ever been at Disneyland, that wouldn't surprise you in the least
  14. cp_studio certainly qualifies as a totally unfinished and random project I never finished and never will. Total creative vaccum for me but without any planning...Dark Messiah had worn me down entirely The whole thing is off scale and just doesn't play well at all, not to mention it maxes out brush faces (too used to DoDS way higher limit back then). The map was released, but crashed servers out of memory most of the time. A total mess. Another pet project of mine, dod_spinta for DoDS. Never got to finishing it after moving to Montreal for Prince of Persia and dropping CAMP and DoDS
  15. Hey Tim, good to see you around these parts I never knew you were part of R&L Good job on the portfolio, it really ticks all the boxes on everything it should do. Keep on kicking butt at Crytek man
  16. ahaha HP that's just so wrong man.... I don't know what the figures are like today, but in christmas 09 the most common size for a tv to play games on was still 32". Considering those could only ever be 720p, it's just poor design to not provide for a text upscale if you don't have a 1080p....
  17. Congrats man, nothing else to add over what was said already. Just take it one day at a time and learn as much as you can!
  18. Finally played my way through sequence 8 of AC2 on PC again, allowing me to post some screenshots of the flying machine section: http://www.froughol.com/assassins_creed_2.html
  19. It definitely was a technical decision. In other words, Crytek preferred to use the available coders to work on other things far more important to the overall quality of the game.
  20. No it's not. Far from it. EA's money allowed Crytek to expand and fund their endeavour on the consoles. If you think making the most pirated PC exclusive for 3 years running gives you anywhere from 20 to 60 million euros to pour into your next game, you're sadly mistaken.
  21. Yeah but it's too easy that way JSL. If people complaining aren't willing to take part in a conversation and have actual answers other than joyfully bitching away at this or that because it's fun or they have the right to, then just as equally anyone else is entitled to dismiss their bitching entirely. I'm all for having a discussion and actual feedback from gamers, but it doesn't help if all they want to do is rip us a new one and not listen to the actual causes for their complaints. It really isn't going anywhere.
  22. Yeah, by tweaking files without an interface. Both things that Crytek would have to work on, first testing the impact of all changes (debug time) and by creating the menu and interface specifically for the PC version, which would have required additional UI work, debug and translation. In other words, at least two weeks worth of a dozen's people work.
  23. So you're saying that since we were a PC only game in 2007 we need to stick to these roots only until the end of time? The hardcore AAA PC market was still ok in 2007. This is 2011 now. If your point is that the game shouldn't have been called Crysis then, just try and pitch a brand new IP concept to a publisher that doesn't even own you. Good luck getting any funding. I was pointing out that adding a quick save to a PC version isn't as hard as your guys are making out, sure you have to make some decisions on what needs to be saved and what doesn't but that doesn't make it impossible to d
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