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  1. Also, mods are free, while indie games are sold (or free, but have another source of income like subscriptions, or micro transactions).
  2. Good start, but I think you could rework it to include an easier way to get in touch with you. Right now I have to go to your resume page, whereas I expect to be able to contact you in a single click wherever I am on your site. Content wise, it's going to need a lot more before you can start making heads turn, but it's a good start too.
  3. The way I look at it, Origin has a LONG way to go before it can rival the back catalog of Steam and have all of its features, which would precisely be the tipping point where I would be willing to choose Origin over Steam. I will NOT run two of these programs at the same time on my PC, one is enough and demands enough resources as it is. The community is on Steam, my friends are on Steam, and that's that. Also, Activision and Ubi will soon be launching their own platform, and then where exactly the fuck is the limit? Yeah they all want to keep their 30% in house. Guess what? They should hav
  4. Oh right, I did participate in this thread before I was too busy following the rest to notice that
  5. Knowing a lot more about the way Dark Messiah was made than they'll ever want to elaborate on, particularly in a marketing PR release; I'll reserve my judgment until I actually see something come out of Arkane since DM. And I don't mean as an outsourcing studio trying to keep its bank happy.
  6. This thread is just wrapped in awesomeness from page 1 to 5. Now can someone tell me which valid counter argument it was that I said, cause that's my first reply in this thread
  7. Did I ever tell you I love your comments Rick?
  8. You know what happens when something isn't marketed like the next big thing? Mini Ninjas (first example to come to mind) then layoffs. Or when you hit a bad patch: Pure, then Split/Second then layoffs. then studio closure.
  9. Furyo


    G+ is simply great news. Finally someone with the power and funds to go and challenge facebook. I'll gladly stay away from Facebook forever if I can find a good alternative (Facebook has become essential in keeping in touch with my friends and family as I travel a lot). Also, G+ hasn't arrived late to the party in certain countries. While we know Facebook here in the west, plenty of countries have their own favorite social network. Brazil and China to name two of the biggest markets out there.
  10. The writing was on the wall with the previous round of layoffs, the last 40 are to be let go today. GL, I'm happy you got to join Crytek when Black Rock didn't pan out Sorry to all Mapcorian affected by the closure of the studio.
  11. When Ubisoft and Crytek parted ways after Far Cry and a police raid on the Crytek offices in Coburg (pirated software was being used, and that little incident had been reported to the cops), they obtained the Far Cry engine and license as per the original contract they signed together. Ubisoft having funded the whole enterprise, they got their ROI. They then took apart the engine and made Dunia with it, first called Nomad, around the same time as Crytek was making Crysis although it took a bit more time to eventually spawn Far Cry 2 simply due to game development, and not engine development
  12. I enjoyed parts of the game, much like I enjoyed parts of C1. Every part that felt designed rather than a marketing bulletpoint or a benchmark to be precise. Cue "Alien ship and VTOL flying freaking sucked balls" comments. Funny how the alien ship was directly followed by the best part in the game with you escorting your pal from heat point to heat point. THAT was designed. Same thing with C2: Battery Park is the most heavily designed level in the entire game, and it also plays the best. Because everything in it was well thought out by Chris and his artists. Hand in hand, working together.
  13. Oh I'm not missing any of that point. As a gamer, or consumer, I couldn't care less. As a licensee, I definitely would. And I definitely respect that Crytek not only identified its stronghold but also wants to stay true to it. It just makes me all that more uninterested in it, because that's just not what I want as a gaming experience. Show me substance over beauty, show me that the form follows the function therefore art follows design then I'll be interested. I think you are kinda missing the point as well. First and foremost, as you said yourself, you are a console gamer so wheth
  14. I'd be very interested in some download stats for that patch and how many people are actually running that patch. As a test drive of the PC gaming community so to speak. I personally find myself absolutely totally uninterested by the update, which is probably a sign I'm more of a console gamer than a PC gamer by now....or maybe not even a gamer at all. It's all gfx porn to me and doesn't raise the quality of the GAME in any way...but oh well.
  15. Great folio, awesome to see you come here. I was really pleased with the Great Class Dash back when first revealed on Kotaku.
  16. Skjalg, remember that certain countries have laws to prevent preferential hiring (the US and Canada mainly). Actually having your pic in those countries is a deterrent, as people are required not to hire based on racial profiling. It's therefore expected NOT to have your pic on your CV.
  17. Never bought a single CoD game. And I've played them but for Black Ops. Legally, borrowed copies. There comes a time when selling 20 M copies of a game kinda insures you you have a friend you can borrow it from
  18. It was a timed exclusive on Origin for the first 3 days, it's now available on Steam.
  19. My most anticipated game of 2012 for sure. And it's been for a while now. I'm looking forward to this as much as any Valve game, so that's saying a lot.
  20. Not in the UK, but for a comparable price I had my own studio in Montpellier in 2006, in the center of the historic downtown district. 24 square meters for 425 euros.
  21. I used to pay 105 a week for a shared bedroom in a tower apartment in Vauxhall in 2002. UK housing prices FTFL
  22. Crytek doesn't control jack shit about its distribution, it's all EA. EA controls everything business wise with the Crysis franchise.
  23. Oh yeah, thanks for having me do this
  24. I think you mean genes, but I lol'd hard. Thanks
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