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  1. So I started another playthrough and decided to play differently a bit. I found out about the punch through walls aug, and wow. It makes the early part of the game so much easier. There are tons of crap you can get in the sewers, only by punching through walls, and that's a great way to build up your character fast.
  2. Finished the game today for the first time, 21.6 hours. 30 achievements. Missed out a couple side quests but other than that that was a very thorough play through. And I'm about to start again, which frankly hasn't happened for me since my Sands of Time speed runs in 2004. This game is polished, elegantly designed every step of the way, never feels like a chore and inviting to test its limits while seldom finding them. Game of the year, and most exciting game to play for me since Left 4 Dead in 2008
  3. They never said it would be XCOM (for one thing they even tried to rename it X-COM), but a shooter based in a loose interpretation of the XCOM universe. Problem with fanboys is that's the kind of message that falls on deaf ears since "they're touching on our beloved franchise and ruining it". Thing is, if you're 2K and you're sitting on this license, you'll try and make a new game that somehow uses the franchise even loosely, since you can at least have some free marketing in the process. 2K doesn't know how to make an XCOM game, that's not their business. So they don't even try. And tha
  4. I'm absolutely loving it. Played through the first mission, and exploring a bit further now. This may very well be the most elegantly designed RPG I've ever played. And the cover system is one of the best I've seen in any third person game.
  5. It very much looks to me like she's included everything in her new game that Valve wouldn't let her do with Portal 2 (timing based puzzles for one thing)
  6. I remember how weird we all felt at Apple in 2004 when the internal email ran telling all employees about his pancreatic cancer, and the follow up email he wrote the company after having had his surgery... Apple has a backlog of innovations for the next 5 years, so Apple will be doing fine without him for a time. The true changes will come after then. Next in line, I'm dying to see what computer integrated TV they can make, something that would revolutionize the games industry again (and of course, not just that)
  7. Ahah, awesome. This won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't worked in Montreal, but the tshirt he's wearing is one for the local punk band Vandamn, which is partly made of one of the artists on Deus Ex (now back at Ubisoft) and my former LD tech director on prince of persia.
  8. Preload complete, and I'm passing time by playing (finally) LIMBO, which I just noticed today is on Steam. Why this passed me by when it first came out I have no clue, but damn this is a good indie game.
  9. Just bought the standard edition on Steam...preloading will take a LONG time
  10. These days, the extent to which level designers need to know how to use Max or Maya is to produce the rough gameplay mock-up. Think squares that define the collision meshes you will be going through in a level. No uv mapping, no texture painting, etc. The most you need to know is how to extrude polys, weld vertices and make a collision mesh that follows the guidelines as set by your engine and tech director. For Prince of Persia for instance, that meant that all ledges had to be 90 degrees vertically, up to 45 degrees horizontally, and 2 meters wide (1 meter each for Elika and the Prince to
  11. I'm with Pogo, it looks way too clean and shiny for something like this. Almost like Doom 3. Dead Space 2 had it right, they should go for that vibe.
  12. To try it. And I really don't think the SP will be an afterthought. Not anymore than CoD's is. EA wants to go out and take a swing at the king, they better pack something extraordinary.
  13. Hardly, this will be the first BF game I play. And I'm not even sure I'll play its MP more than a couple times. As for the Origin debacle....Well I will probably not get it on PC anyway given mine couldn't even run Crysis 2 in low settings
  14. You would be a fool not to be interested in this game.... It looks phenomenal, far beyond anything else made so far, is made by one of the most respected names in the business, and is going to be a game even your neighbor's gold fish will want to play. I haven't been psyched for an FPS since Left 4 Dead (with the exception of Bioshock Infinite), but they definitely have my attention
  15. If scale and scope is what you're going for, then show screenshots that highlight that. These screens are simply horrid. If someone with no prior knowledge of the game gets that as a first impression, he's likely to walk away...
  16. I didn't say Valve made the trailer, just that it's shit
  17. I never was a CS player, but played it a handful of times. This trailer is just all sorts of crap in its cheesy way, and I can't be excited for this game without having played the game religiously before, but I trust Valve know what they're doing and sense they can break the XBLA/PSN arcade game stalemate by offering a strong title that can actually get head to head with the massive FPS we have in terms of players and hours per month. With that said, this game was done by the guys behind Defense Grid, with only some help from Valve, so I don't expect it to be of the traditional Valve calibe
  18. The game got interesting when the guy entered the plane a second time. Other than that...bleh.
  19. On the subject of DLC vs sequel, the line is drawn at the size of the addition and its retail price. Consequently its release date too.
  20. Yeah I really don't see it that way. Mods end being mods when the team working on them gets picked up by a studio and paid to work on a retail release. It becomes a commercial game, and no longer a mod. Because by your definition every single game that uses an engine not made for it in the first place is a mod. So every single FPS since Quake, Far Cry and Unreal basically. Indie games are indeed from scratch, that differentiates them from mods.
  21. Worst case of Google Translate ever...."the gunman was arrested late friday and charged with the killing of vermin"... brilliant... Glad to know your wife and unborn baby are ok Skjalg.
  22. RO, CS and DoD are the typical examples of mods ceasing to be mods by having a retail release. I know you were around back then, remember the endless rants from pissed off players that now had to shell out some dough for the game, and how the mod teams had sold out? Valve even gave you the game for free if you already had it on Steam...
  23. It was the first game to let me relive the kind of nightmarish sequence Max Payne had when drugged. But it played better I thought Poison Ivy was the weaker one, the level design was good for it, but the character design felt pushed in and the boss fight was your typical 3 stage arcade variation of the same concept, something Arkham had managed to steer away from until then.
  24. Furyo


    errr Alien 4 is my second favorite one...precisely because of the look.
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