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  1. Very excited by that, GTA always remains GTA. Come to think of it, GTA IV was the last game I bought at retail on release day. Well, Batman AA too, but through a friend who bought 6 copies for the AC2 team.
  2. That the reactions would be negative yeah, of course, but to use the user review score of a GAME to grade its DRM is childish at best. Besides, to even think that Ubisoft would give a fuck was laughable.
  3. Assassin's Creed 2 on PC got a 2.3 user review note when Ubi announced the "always online" DRM for it, whereas the reviews gave it a 9.1. Whiners will whine, fanboys will be fanboys and self entitled brats will be self entitled brats. "we put you in this position, respect us" and all that.
  4. There are some very good narrative ideas in this video, I love some of the key moments for their environments, but as far as the game design is concerned, I sense a franchise suffering from a huge identity crisis. It's literally picked up a few of the best mechanics from other games in the same genre and brought them together without ever trying to explain anything, and that's the hard sell. The big reason Assassin's Creed gets away with the ridiculous over the top glitches and in game overlays (icons, menus,etc) is precisely that this is a software rendition of a world. The reason Sam Fish
  5. I think the lol was more directed at the fact that IO, makers of the game, are based in Copenhagen, Danemark. Small difference to most americans, but not to Europeans And of course, the fact not everyone gets sarcasm...
  6. I like your prototype work a lot, and can see some good creativity on your part with the stock games you're provided with. Good presentation as well, even on Carbonmade, showing one can definitely use that site to their advantage. One point however would be to add icons for your resume, contact and perhaps linkedin profile on the top banner so as to maximize visibility. Good luck with the job search
  7. Get well soon Mikey, kick this one to the curb!
  8. Looks stunning, all the hard work is certainly paying off!
  9. Furyo

    R.I.P Engineer

    Heard about this from Jed over at Ham and Jam. Engy were on their team. Sad to see such a young person leaving so soon..
  10. Just finished Ico. Despite the HD work being superb, and the game remarkably solid, I wasn't as overwhelmed as I was expecting to be. I'm certain I'd have been positively extatic had I played this when it first came out, but now in 2011 there are many more games that have borrowed a lot from Ico and the sense of wonder and "this has never been done before" is just very hard to get. All that said, it's brilliantly made.
  11. Furyo


    I can only echo what everyone else has said, great cinematography, perfect pace and superb acting.
  12. and It's time I finally play Shadow and Ico....
  13. There are dozens of websites offering free HTML templates if you can't mock up your own. You'll be 10 times better off using any of them. For now though, I'd concentrate on working on material you can show on that future website rather than the website itself. I mean, in a professional capacity. You mention wanting to enter the industry, and people in this industry will look at what you make before how you present it. Judging by what I'm seeing, you've still got a long ways to go. As far as your website is concerned, here are a few pointers: 1) Know who you are. Your website presents
  14. Points taken of course With a small caveat being both games you cited belong in the "had never been done before" category, whereas I'm still waiting to hear anything about Max Payne 3 that's groundbreaking
  15. I was already hearing all the stupid crap this project was going through back in 2009 while working on AC2... I just don't see this being good unless they pulled a number on all of us...
  16. Sorry; by ISP I meant web host, not the actual connecting service. I'll edit my thread
  17. Hey everyone, I've been using 1and1 for over 5 years now, but I keep hitting a wall each time I move out of a country. 1and1 requires to be paid using a card issued in the same country as the country the account originates from (they have a different company as part of a holding in each country they operate in) So every single time, I have to cancel my existing account and register a new one in the country I move to. Huge pain in the ass. This time around, my account in Germany needs to be renewed in the coming days, but of course I cancelled my card there. So it will be cancelled. Bu
  18. I can see a new pirate on the horizon !!! Congrats Skjalg!
  19. Long planned job interview indeed Thanks for the awesome welcome and the pic Jason
  20. I have not watched, or read anything related to Uncharted 3. So far. I'm not about to start now
  21. This is a fun game, and the menu is really slick too. Stopped at level 9 as it was becoming too cumbersome once you had to draw lines. I'd have opted for designs where you could draw lines to save time, or limit bounces (challenge mode) but didn't have to to complete them
  22. Just saw the episode before reading this thread, and I thought that was a great move by Zenimax to be able to show, for the first time I can think of, a game BEFORE it goes live. Congrats to them.
  23. Except most hidden achievements in this game have nothing to do with the story. They're all side missions related, and some are totally random and never needed to be hidden ( ) Zyndrome, the one you are referring to can be had
  24. the 9mm ammo is extremely rare in the second part of the game, making it impossible to finish the game with only that gun (particularly with bosses being the bitchy ones they are) I think you're just not exploring enough . By the end of the game, since I explored and hacked everything, I had so much ammo for everything (and money, and XP!), non-lethal and lethal weapons, my inventory was always full! For the stun gun and PEPS gun (such a satisfying non-lethal weapon btw ), I must have had 30-40 rounds for each at any time towards the end. Same for the 9mm Furyo, always had between 100-200 r
  25. the 9mm ammo is extremely rare in the second part of the game, making it impossible to finish the game with only that gun (particularly with bosses being the bitchy ones they are)
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