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  1. Edited the broken links and pictures.
  2. Edited the broken links and pictures.
  3. I just fixed the links and images. Will do the same right now for parts 2 and 3
  4. Not sure Deceiver (Jobye) still goes to Mapcore often, but he's no longer with Ubisoft Toronto, and will start soon at Warner Bros / Monolith in Kirkland, WA
  5. hehe thanks man, yeah we're having an article in Ouest-France done today, and we've contacted all tourism boards and town halls in the area, libraries and mailboxes for all residents are next with flyers next week
  6. Thanks for the kind words I chose that platform because Ulule is the leading European platform, number 1 in France where Kickstarter does not yet exist. I do foresee that most backers will be from that particuliar region of Normandy, so I had to make that call
  7. Dear friends, my very first crowdfunding project is now LIVE. If you have enjoyed my photography over the past year, please consider contributing to this art book project, or sharing the link to your family and friends. My goal of 5500 USD will allow me to create these books, calendars and postcards and give the profit to the Dives Marshes Society that helps preserve the environment and fauna of this unique place in Normandy. Please share, share, share! http://www.ulule.com/lesmaraisdeladives/
  8. Sorry to hear Sprony, but in a way you're so much better off. I remember you mentioning you hated your job anyway, so it's a good thing you're out and getting the benefits you are. You will pull through though, a) because you're fucking Sprony, and b) because you have the best approach towards these big life changing moments I've seen.
  9. I'm on the side of renting, for so many different reasons but the number one keeps being that the idea of having a single career in life is entirely gone and wiped out of western societies. If the WTO predictions regarding robotization of labor are verified and we lose 48% of today's jobs in the next 20 years, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't have to travel 500 miles anywhere to get a job. Take the games industry volatility, then apply it to all industries across the board, imagine what kind of job market we'll all be looking at. Europeans have a different situation than A
  10. Really? It took me 17 hours on my first playthrough. I feel as though you might have missed a lot of content? Aside from a few achievements I got on my second and third walkthrough, I completed all the missions on my first attempt. Some like the hobos after having finished the game. I was missing two chinpokomons from playing two quests without getting them
  11. Played through South Park The Stick of Truth 3 times over with a grin on my face through the entire thing. It's a small game, probably 6-7 hours on the first playthrough, you can finish it in 4-5 once you know where everything is. Tried Hack n Slash and got really bored really quickly. I'll have to give it another serious go when I don't have so much other crap to deal with. Finally played DmC Devil May Cry as well before those two, very enjoyable through and through, enough that I went and 100% it.
  12. I probably won't be there this year. I missed the early bird deadline to register at a discount, so going there in March is going to be a tall order.
  13. Sprony, the saying "when it rains it pours" certainly is true... Or in French, "never twice without a third time". Shit piles on in fucking layers and this year was no exception for me. But if you're patient enough, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Only one way to go about your troubles. Find the lowest hanging stressful fruit and kick that shit out of your life. Then work down your list. As for waiting for the next 5 months. Don't wait. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your life right now. Eat healthy if you're not, and go to bed earlier than you do. Fuck Mapco
  14. Today starts the Encore Sale, with all the best deals. Last chance for all of you who missed out on the deals the first time around
  15. Nice portfolio structure, and extra points for the Mapcore logo Maybe time to look at the indie scene for some extra experience? Check the post about DESYNC in the job section
  16. Just picked up Hack n Slash from Double Fine, a game I saw presented for the first time at GDC back in March. A lot of fun, and I feel a must-play for all designers out there given the variables you play with
  17. Let's get the show on the road, what games are you picking up this year? Just treated myself to MGSV Ground Zeroes, Among The Sleep, Kairo and Broken Age
  18. This is a good team, and they have a solid game ahead of them. Unfortunately I can't commit the time to this project, but I certainly encourage other Mapcore members to give it a shot.
  19. This is the third article in a three-part series. Part One / Part Two / Part Three Combat tutorial The entire space for this first combat against humans is built to be an action tutorial. With no elevation changes in the space, and the single red tone of textures, this is the simplest arena one could design, which foreshadows a quick and easy fight. Notice the number of crates and cover objects on the ground, and their geometrical position. Clear “camps” are established on either side. Both NPCs are scripted only to move left and right, never to flank Joel, which leaves players with p
  20. This is the second article in a three-part series. Part One / Part Two / Part Three First Level The intro cinematic here serves two purposes: Introducing Tess and her relationship with Joel, and giving players a goal for the upcoming level. With that done, it’s not necessary to give players other intermediate goals along the way. Follow Mission Following an NPC is an excellent, tried and true means to expose players to a completely new world to discover. Tess plays the role of a learning tool, and it’s precisely once players have learned enough about survival in the game
  21. Thanks guys, and thank you Thrik for posting this class.
  22. This is the first article in a three-part series. Part One / Part Two / Part Three Intro Level 1st scene In typical movie fashion, the game starts with an exposition scene which establishes the bond between Joel and his daughter Sarah. Here the watch plays a type of backward MacGuffin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacGuffin), which movie fans will be familiar with. A term made popular by Alfred Hitchcock, this initial narrative element will keep showing up in multiple scenes in the game to move the scenario forward and link back to the initial bond Joel had with his daughter.
  23. Just picked up Never Alone. Very first native american game made by some veterans helping this nation with their first game. it's supposed to be a pretty standard platformer, which I'm always a sucker for, but the trip is well worth taking for the setting and the culture narrated.
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