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  1. Nih

    I hate my country.

    Are you fucking serious ? I HATE that usual statement : "After all, you have nothing to fear unless you've got something to hide." Accepting that, you better just put yourself chains already Oh come on, they're just minors. Not like they had any rights in the first place. To be serious though. I find it strange that it was somehow found necessary to put a tracker on a handicapped guy for smoking some weed. Usually you'd just hand him a fine and be done with it. Extremely young teenagers having sex with each other and people being incompetent is nothing new, even if tabloids happen to be writing more articles about it. What's new is this over-the-top desire for control, which is becoming more and more prevalent in the western world, particularly in the UK. Does it not bother people that their country is ranked on par with China when it comes to personal privacy? Or that the government can apparently accidently lose endless amounts of data on you because someone happened to forget his laptop somewhere?
  2. Nih

    I hate my country.

    Look, all you have to do to prevent this stuff is to operate tracking devices into every minor, and if one of them happens to enter a 2 meter radius of someone 2 years younger or older than themself, you put them in an isolated institution for 14 days(or more if they still haven't learned their lesson) to be rehabilitated. Seems like the most optimal solution to me. After all, you have nothing to fear unless you've got something to hide.
  3. Yeah, it happened. http://www.svencoop.com/ Go check out the map Abandoned, now! No complaining about it being on the goldsource engine. That's just boring by now. Thanks.
  4. CAD makes me want to kill myself.
  5. I am currently searching for a programmer to help me out with a few minor tasks. The work will be for Enemy Within, a heavily story-driven HL2 singleplayer mod, with elements of action and horror. The first episode is set to be released in 1 or 2 months, unfortunately it won't be ready for release until these few programming tasks have been completed. For detailed information about the tasks that need to be done: http://www.enemy-within.com/help.html For more information about the mod itself: http://www.enemy-within.com/ While these few tasks are my primary concern, it would be great if you could also stick around for a while longer and help me create a much better gaming experience
  6. Thank you. Get banned again please.
  7. You know how much I love Canadians hydeph. Most of the pictures should now be at http://www.enemy-within.com/media.html
  8. Great, got anything useful to add?
  9. Warby and JamesL: I see what you mean. Since I'm usually working with large areas it can get kinda hard to think of things to place. I did get some new ideas after you pointed it out to me Thanks for the input. Quakis: Thanks for writing crits down for each screenshot, although I'm kinda surprised my screenshots weren't received better. I'll definitely take your points into consideration.
  10. Basically these screenshots are from an action/horror singleplayer mod for Half-Life 2 I've been working on for.. quite a while. You might notice that I've used some of PhilipK's and Hourence's textures. They've been really useful to me As you can see there's a lot of different themes used in this mod. Don't worry about it, it's meant to be that way :wink: Your thoughts/crits/pointers would be greatly appreciated Sorry for the screenshot overload, heh.
  11. Nih

    Do the dew, bitch!

    Penny arcade is rarely funny, but sometimes there's a really great one like this ^ Here's a similar one I saved on my HD for some reason:
  12. Interesting, but not surprising. Didn't think Starcraft would have beaten Wow.
  13. http://www.interlopers.net/forum/viewto ... +available gg Valve.
  14. Nih

    Unreal Tournament 3

    God damn, that looks fucking amazing. Too bad my computer will never run that.
  15. A little sideproject i've been working on for a few days. I'm not quite happy with the lighting and I still have to add a few things. W-poly peaks at 1200 when you're standing on the bridge looking towards the base(which won't happen much since the flow of the map goes the other way), but I'm planning to null texture all unseen faces.
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