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  1. yeah guys, this is a really cool project. well designed and well organized. Please, if there is anyone who could spend some time per week to help us, this would be really cool =)
  2. Kenturac: I like what I see. Nice use of colors =)
  3. this is really nice. fantastic I love it =)
  4. the last german hope ... now gone ... go german indie-developer, save our name in the world of game development.
  5. huh I think it goes back to 2004 or 2005? ah yeah and I found this one, without light_compile because I made it too much with the details and a full compile took me over 30 hours (!) (I remember ). was planned for The Specialist Mod - yeah and then I made this map for HL2 DM
  6. I like that beautiful q3shit =) really really nice man =) sarge mat: nice atmospere, which engine is that? looks like UDK? looks great
  7. VoodooBenshee

    [CS:S] de_riviera

    ooh nice to see fresh css stuff. I like it, also the colors =)
  8. Yo guys, I think many of you are familiar with my portfolio but I have´t open a threat here so, I made a clean up and everything is up to date now. What do you think, is it ok? should I change something? something is missing? something wrong? =) oh and yeah this portfolio is also IOS compatible *yay* http://www.benny-kayser.net
  9. 18 hours + about 4 hours of watching UDK tuts. Thanks for comments guys! everything custom made? (textures, props?) Hell no, it's all stock It's 18 hours but I'm counting making the dinner and watching Comedy Central. Hard to say exactly... wow thats awesome. what udk tuts did you use? because atm i´m learning udk too but I still could need more usefull tuts =)
  10. 18 hours + about 4 hours of watching UDK tuts. Thanks for comments guys! everything custom made? (textures, props?)
  11. VoodooBenshee


    yo guys I think lots of you know we have a new evil social network coming around and some guys still have access like me what do you think about g+? In my opionion a lot of stuff is much better than facebook, its faster, easier controllable, and i like that friend circle thingydingy. I´m looking forward to cool apps and games and tons of better features. the day x is coming when I can say goodbye to facebook :D:D (the problem is, g+ is coming a waaaaay to late, hard challenge, but we will see )
  12. FUCK that looks totally sexy, very nice job man =)
  13. not that bad game. its a hack and slay with weapons and aliens. what kind of genre is that? shoot and slay? its similar to alien breed or shadowgrounds very cool oldscool badass game for my lovely psone =)
  14. i really like it. its clean, easy to navigate and looks really nice. and fuck yeah you made levels for angry bird?? I like you :D I also like to make levels for such type of games =)
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