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  1. Wow, I haven't seen this screenshot in a while. I really need to go back and finish this map. Can't wait to see your map, Hipshot! make it happen! this map will seriously make me re-install q3 ...it would fit so good to see the lil bouncy armour shards like candy on the right side, and also add a platform in the middle of the big pillar with a teleport exit and red armor
  2. mr.P

    What I'm Working On

    epiiiiicc! seson looks fucking dope! reminds me a little of agency....awesome stuff!
  3. got a lil update myself, was hoping to have this level done this week, but ranges are in the finals...nuf said, slowly and steady shaping up, got a early (and currently outdated) version of the map on the workshop if anyone wants to check it out, its called "carry - wip" (friends only) anyways, you are looking at the ship's forward elevator, used for transporting aircrafts to main deck, lane #1, and internal transport of cargo from second deck to main hangar deck, in this case it serves as one of the sites onboard the aircraft carrier, not sure about the dual plant options since it havent been propperly playtested, otherwise the layout hasnt changes since the previous version
  4. ye thats some nice shizzle castle! agree with fmpone, wanna see/hear more about the art style dressing that will go ontop, would not mind if it was in a bottom mineshaft with some steep ass rockwalls leading up to a scorched surface with some chains etc hanging down for some nice parallax, or overgrowth theme, might go more inhand with the temple-ish style already in there...
  5. awesome! makes me wanna have some mead! reminds me on witcher on happy pillz,...want interiors on all houses only lit by candles!
  6. mr.P

    The random model thread!

    looks sick, holy shit, wanna see more!
  7. havent posted anything in a while, been slacking, decided to redo one of the sites in my latest level, moved it from one of the hangars to upper deck, players will be able to see the commander bridge through the glass...felt more epic, also switched out the blackbird for a nighthawk - made in bsp also been struggling to get the scaling of the inside to feel like a aircraft carrier, got some more texture tweaks to do then hopefully the spec will work its magic, got some more work to do before the fun stuff begins...
  8. brought me back to lotw-days at planethalflife, great idea and well performed sir!
  9. mr.P

    De_forlorn WIP

    gf=priority Haven't seen you for a while on Steam, how have you been mate? Once I have alpha2 ready, I'll pass you a copy to test been good mate, soon time to crunch away on my latest map, just want to get it done ...sounds good, cant wait to try it!
  10. mr.P

    De_forlorn WIP

    darn, was planing to attend to the playtest, but the gf wanted to get mussles for dinner, after a few screwdrivers I forgot the time
  11. awesome job with the ww-tools! i've used it to export all models for my upcoming map! great stuff and easy to use...good job!
  12. What's going on in your life? mapping, walking the dog, hanging around in central park! ...open invitation to the guys feeling down; get weekend tickets to nyc, crash at my place, lets have a good'ol mapping weekend! get hammered and talk about hammer
  13. mr.P

    [CS:GO] de_cpl_fire

    same...i was like...yees! if anyone here is up for a little collab and want to make some custom models and textures I'll do the brushwork, sounds fun!
  14. Thanks for keeping us posted! New York doesn't sound half bad. swing by nyc and we'll have a beer or ten ...there are worlds to be build!
  15. mr.P

    [TF2] - ctf_TheDamned WIP

    nice q3 levels, good 'ol times! havent played tf2, but the map looks alright! all mapping is welcome here
  16. mr.P


    epic! ...been playing crown some, not a lot, but a few hours, felt like some things were missing but I believe you guys addressed it in this update! however, one minor thing, I'd offset the tiling of the textures on (all) the stairs - it's a little repetitive, seen it in-game (but also on the screenshots) I usually do -800, 500, -200, 800, 0, etc on the x/y of each step, goes fast since they already are aligned, as a final touch, everything needs to be flawless lead the way with implementing trickjumps etc love that old school shieet!
  17. mr.P

    [CS:GO] de_acceleration

    ohh cool, I hope you slap on some nice fresh textures! ...and brighten it up
  18. mr.P

    [CS:GO] de_shotoen

    looks nice! there is a level on the workshop that would look cool as a backdrop in the skybox, +1 if you add Lo Pan from big trouble in little china!
  19. mr.P


    looks elegant!
  20. Has anybody else had this problem before, or have any ideas what I'm missing? Cheers. got this when I tried to make a hull col from a face, finding the bad collision fixed this issue
  21. yeah it's kinda compact, regular aircraft carrier sounds will hopefully stop footsteps CT reaches the bomb areas first, the layout is well playtested, this is 5th or 6th iteration on the layout and the first version that feels genuine fun, the map has 2 floors but most of the playable area is on floor one, will probably change t spawn to be one level down,
  22. every decent fps needs one...cs:go has been missing one until now...a fuckking aircraft carrier map! the story: T has boarded a aircraft carrier with the purpose to destroy it! CT are sent do deal with 'em A-site: forward elevator, a few F9Panthers+300 pounds bombs makes the perfect target B-site: hangar, a blackbird+300 pound bombs makes the perfect target models: somewhat done textures: somewhat done layout: somewhat done brushwork: not even started maps without a mid seems to be the topic of the month, think it would be a challenge to make one, here we go 92-95% based on real life metrics
  23. cleaver enough to identify problems, smart enough to understand problems, self motivated enough to learn how to overcome those problems, always work agile, work in iterations and understand how iterative workflow impacts your own work and fellow workers, drink beer, be creative = game designer, game artist, game coder, game producer
  24. mr.P

    (cs:go) de_mist

    just checkin if ya'll are sleeping
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