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  1. good point, thought the ssao would take care of that, but realize that it might not affect models (in s1) which is too bad, right now all windows, balconies and other arches share the same texture, baking the ao would make it look nicer but also add to the file size, ...but haven't really started looking into visuals yet, so shadow distance might be set very low etc, agree that it looks fairly flat and boring wip version for those who want to try it out, currently set to friends-only http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446241636
  2. soon done with the brushwork, then the fun stuff begins, like normalizing the textures, up the quality on the props, and errm...make a minimap
  3. Yeah sure, it's a quite simple process (with room for improvements), but basically the steps I've used is: 1. Build your layout in Hammer S1 (using dev textures) 2. Import your level into Hammer S2 (if you are building with custom textures you will need to make separate materials) 3. Build your props (ref mesh and col) export as FBX (note, you can build a col mesh in Maya, but I think it goes faster in Hammer S2, also UV mapping is not properly saved when exporting to FBX) 4. Import into maya, UV the prop, export with MESA-tools (far superior 3party model exporter than whats available for other tools) - guess you can import the FBX into any 3d program with exporter to Source1 5. Add models to level in Hammer S1 Will hopefully have a first version in a few weeks, but with the international coming up etc I'm not sure how much spare time I will have Just playing around with the lighting now, have a few cool skyboxes but the skymaterial still seems to be broken ...and think I'll go with a skybox included in CS:GO to keep size down, and since the last level I made was set during night I think this one will be day Wooot, was that a year ago!? time flies when having fun! heheh
  4. some wip screens from heat remake level for csgo, this will be my largest csgo project to date, 80-90 custom props, 20-30 new materials, also testing a new workflow using source 2 hammer to create level specific props and exporting them 1:1 to source, some non-sexy screens,
  5. looks sick! reminds me of standing on Queens side just off the Queensboro bridge, just need to add the bridge! can't wait to play this one!
  6. ohhnoess...reddis is mad, this is the best thing that has happened since; first. the creation of Steam, second: the creation of Steam Workshop, third: the creation of Steam Greenlight, hopefully we will see a Steam Asset Store or similar, that we already have in the other engines, boy oh boy, wish I was 14 yo again, and launched hammer for the first time! this is the perfect time for new modders, old modders, people that havent realized they are modders to start/continue modding!
  7. so, made a little level design time lapse of the development of this map, roughly one hour long (made from ~40 hours of selected footage), nothing fancy, if you are not into level design you will probably find it rather boring, it showcases most parts in creating a level...in the "new" hammer you fid it here:
  8. you can import vmf into Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha, if you use tools textures you wont have to copy paste materials
  9. The tools are awesome! Can't say this enough, they are easy to use and extreamly efficient! I encourage everyone to give it a try! Think that anyone with Source experience will find the transition super smooth! Started cutting my little timelapse movie from developing CORE, ~50h of recording edited to 20 mins, that + all the original mapping VODs are probably as close to tutorials I've ever make, I'm socialy awkward with very odd humor...and a frequent user of bad words, which would put a big NSFW all over it! and from what I've seen there are already good tutorial-makers out there! Good to hear, The blue mailbox is a little out of place - been a few people wondering about it, it's not a placeholder, it's suppose to be your "homeshop" in the PvP version, i.e you buy all your items from it, so really wanted it to pop a little compared to the background, also wanted to add something to make it more goofy - or less serious, at first I was thinking of something like this: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/188/476298914_2fad7e2c86_n.jpgand having it play a little "fun" sound... In the DotA version it currently don't have any function, so should probably be toned down or removed
  10. anyone interested in playing some dota2? add me at steam...id/invalidnick lets team up and pwn! I usually play in 2-3 stacks, so could use a few more people
  11. here is another link: https://steamdb.info/blog/source2-announcement/
  12. mr.P

    [CS:GO] DE_Resort

    awesome! gave my cogratulation on steam (but it probably got lost in all the "+1 rate my workshop" spam ( ), but will do it here as well!!! havent played it yet, my potato laptop is still too potato to play cs:go congrats dudes! great work!
  13. yoyo, been a while since I posted anything, that does not mean I've been slacking (even if I have!!) ...had a few csgo maps in the works, then the dota2 workshop tools alpha dropped like a A-bomb! and I've been stuck in them ever since! here is our (me+1 friend's) first Dota 2 map mod/ugc/cg/level (whatever you want to call it) made in these new AWESOME tools! it's taken us around 600+ hours (much of which has been tinkering with the new tools and trying different things+play testing), it's roughly 20-30 new textures, including 4 sets of 4-way blends and about 100 new models, currently supports teh regular dota gamemode (3 lanes, 3 towers in each lane, final objective: destroy other teams ancient), we are also working on a more pvp/rts styled gamemode...hopefully we will be done later this spring... ------------------- Time has passed since the event that cursed River's End. The battle between Dire and Radiant forces is reaching its peak as raiding Kobolts and Trolls are scavenging the area. The layout: Some suggested gameplay: Radiant T1 in the town, Freeman's Inn Dire T1, in the town Backalley behind Radiant T1 some broken houses near Dire T1 A few raiding kobolts has made their way over the barricade, Lamarr is chilling in the town well... the graveyard, where the creeps meet to battle it out, the graveyard (mid lane) Roshan (the boss) spawns in the cellar of the broken church, he's got cheese... alternative way into Roshans pit (for heroes with blink ability/or blink dagger) more screenshots at the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381995351 (currently you need to have the Dota 2 Workshop Tools Alpha installed to play) + the map is roughly 130 mb download I've also recored 40-60 hours of mapping: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgsvKDl416GKvSjSBCUK0LVqWJi97KaRn nothing fancy, just mapping, shows everything from laying out the level to building the houses, since I suck at youtube the videos are placed in random order (for your convenience:)) edit: if you got the dota2 tools installed you can download this vmap (https://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=1140657) that contains most of the mockups I made for CORE, me and daskaren are planning to release textures and models once we done with this project, if you are a new/old user of hammer and you want to use the assets/or just curious about the new tools this might be a good start...gl hf! this map is still wip, and we'll be pushing some updates in a few weeks, more models, some gameplay tweaks etc... anyways, if you play dota2 and want to go for some ARDM or some normal unranked games hit me up! steam../id/invalidnick comments & suggestions are always welcome! ~~~~ thanks for reading!
  14. been playing around with the source2 tools (edit: for dota2 D:)
  15. heh was supprised to see mist and rush beeing chosen, they are both designed to be as unorthodox from ye good'ol cs-styled maps as possible; and I enjoy doing them lil oddies (since nobody else will) and a little "internet"-flames won't keep me from doing that don't expect either of them to live that long - however I will keep updating them since a lot of players enjoy them! and regarding bugs, anyone that's made a game or a level (that exceeds the size of a shobox) knows that there will always be a unknown number of bugs, but realizing that takes a certain type of character I guess
  16. ahhh life in the woods are good! I pretty much live in a Insertion house - family estate, fish every day
  17. it's soon vacation time!!! 4 weeks off the grid in the swedish mountains without internet!! ...time to recharge! cya laters!
  18. season start for True Blood, was ok, not as good end to the weekend like got...but still, like that show just bc its based in the south, also saw edge of tomorrow, was ok, less epic than I was hoping for, yet slightly better than expected, didnt take itself super serious - which in this case was good, however I was hoping for something more in the lines of Oblivion, ...also, watched millions way to die in the west, had my hopes for something funny! it was total shit! not worth $10-20 movie tickets imo! not even worth $4 itunes, would have left the cinema after 20 mins to go home and map...but had the gf with me and she said no, ...also #2, anyone seen the last ship? or anyother of those new scifi series? like dominion etc?
  19. mr.P

    CSGO - Hijack

    omg yes! epic shiet right there!
  20. watched it, nice i wouldnt mind if you put 'em all in the same thread in the 3d-forum, will make it easier for people to watch, and you can just edit your 1st post to have all the video-blogs listed, perhaps with a little description what each episode contains,
  21. prop_dynamic_override or prop_dynamic_multiplayer and play with flags, i disable player col for small shit like cans and cones etc but keep 'em dynamic so they get affected by bullets and grenades, works pretty good...
  22. at avalanche studios we do open world games, reference; just cause2, renegade ops, the hunter and mad max we are currently looking for some world designers to fill up the ranks, as a world designer you: layout large areas of terrain, layout cities and villages, probably prop and dress 'em accordingly...make sure art, code, design doesn't implement some craziness*blink blink*, fix bugz...you're pretty much looking after the world, making sure it looks good, plays good, etc... this link has more reading: http://avalanchestudios.com/careers/63ABF9D6C8E3482D9010B60DA2E9B442/ for you old dogs, world design is pretty much like good'ol leveldesign, but larger scale - with a more sandboxy approach, preferred (additional) skills: geocontrol (or similar), vue, sketchup, max, maya, xsi, photoshop, send your resume to [email protected] (and i'll pass it to HR) or take the chance and send it directly to HR (adress should be somewhere in the job-listing)...say that you got directed from mapcore and i'll put in a good word! reply to this post or priv me if you want to know more! oh btw, the position is for our NYC office,
  23. imo, if q3 had 70% of the pro harcore fps:ers, then hldm probably had the rest 30%, unreal (at any point) didnt have a chance compared to these two, not to mention the disepointment all other unreal games was (however ut which was fairly good) and its fairly easy to see why, hldm was by far a more fast paced game compared to q3 where q3 was more about timing, they both had good networking and physics, so did ut...but remember later unreal revamps being glitchy and unplayable, what saved epic was def gears, even after their tries to get the community involved after the "make something unreal"-contest, their new take on ut seems good, with the engine being free and all that, that approach might work, from what i've seen so far their tools are good and user friendly, perhaps they will have a chance,
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