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  1. mr.P

    de_relict Project Thread

    looks cool, you got a overview/layout as well?
  2. workshop publisher error code 7....whaargh argh whats wrong (read up a little on the csgo workshop wiki...) 200 mb is the max file size for csgo maps... bye bye spec and cube maps :)

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    2. MaanMan


      Can you upload a version in its full glory (before the scale back) to Dropbox or Google drive?

    3. mr.P


      you can add me on steam id/invalidnick if you want to try the current version (updated it yesterday), haven't really planned on making the project public until its (somewhat) complete :) will try to wrap it up and release it in the upcoming weeks,

    4. Squad


      @Vaya it's safe to increase lightmap scale on surfaces like roofs, large chunks of open terrain, etc (ie: scale of 32-64), but you can definately scale it up on a lot of other surfaces too. Not sure if that answers your question. Let me know if it's not what you were looking for :P 

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  3. thanks ye, perhaps, going to see how it turns out, then perhaps redo something similar for Insurgency, been a while since I played it and it might be fun to do something else than csgo
  4. thanks me2, the only tower reachable is the one in the last pic, still debating with myself if I should remove the other towers to avoid confusion
  5. after some r&r slacking I'm back in biz...this heat remake is sure taking some time, but we are almost there...a few screens from the latest compile,
  6. mr.P

    Map talk. [Help me decide]

    for some reason I thought it was our good 'ol PhilipK you were talking about, and that got me all hyped up, I might just be old and dusty but pretty sure other people might think the same anyways, I enjoy this topic, in cs-history there has been a few maps like this, one of the first map I ever played in CS had a similar feature... cs_bunker anyone? ...bet some people (hopefully) remember that, there was also another super cool map called foption, where the T had to open a door at the start of every round (somewhat annoying after a few rounds but the brushwork on that map was amaaaaaaazing)
  7. mr.P

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    saw the release on the workshop, will take it for a spin later! been a long time since you started working on in, congrats to the release, it looks amazing!
  8. its hammer time!

    congrats to the mapcore competition finalists and winner

    1. Squad


      Working on your boat level again or something else? :)

    2. mr.P


      heat remake, been thinking of the boat for a looooong time now heheh...hopefully I'll get back on that later this year(?)

      some screens http://steamcommunity.com/id/invalidnick/screenshots/

  9. mr.P

    What I'm Working On

    this my lord, is inspiring!
  10. another minor update, this is the middle market, the stair in the middle of the screenshot takes you to the upper market entrance, I need to flip some normals and work some more on the textures, was hoping to play around with the "new" phong shader for brushes, but as of right now I've skipped spec on all materials to keep the file size down...
  11. test

    1. El_Exodus


      didn't work

    2. 'RZL



    3. mr.P


      this test is now complete

  12. I'll ask yeah I know, CS:GO/Dota2 etc has set the bar at a good level in terms of personal customization, wish we had more in MM, I'll ask
  13. thanks, tried dynasty with bots, it's a cool theme, at first I thought it was a Japanese temple, after reading the description I understand that it's suppose to be a Korean temple, there was a lot of stairs, and kinda reminded me of some cs:s map that I've forgotten the name of, here are some fast thoughts in no particular order: - simplifying the layout a wee bit and merging together some areas to create larger courtyards, find a theme for each area, - b-site was a little confusing at first, but cool once I found it, I'd consider keeping B-site inside and turning A-site into a outside courtyard, - switch up the colors of the white walls for variation, like yellow/red - more contrast in the lighting, either dark outside and bright inside, or the other way around, right now it feels very generic, as a fast simple test - add the lights/cc etc from dust2 and use one of the cs:go day-skyboxes - add a big fat budda somewhere, or something similar to http://www.fotothing.com/photos/46b/46bb045b73d228443097ede64d238ff6.jpg - spend your poly budget on roof tiles, http://blogit.jamk.fi/kimchiland/files/2011/04/IMG_1219.JPG - use more displace (for all outside ground/stairs and walls faces), blend stone walls with moss and sand - make a cool looking 3d skybox with vue (or similar), - find some good inspiration, I'd consider using pictures like this https://www.colourbox.com/preview/2378531-the-yard-of-buddhist-sinheungsa-temple-in-seoraksan-national-park-south-korea.jpg and base all textures/models/theme/lighting from it,
  14. some heat-remake progress, trying to find a decent looking style for the middle area, its suppose to be some kind of market, this is the entrance, some inspiration...
  15. so many good maps in this competition! good job! congrats! ...also, thanks to mapcore and globaloffensive-reddit forum for hosting it!
  16. thanks, think we have at least one or two here, me being one of them,...after a few years of hard work its nice to see it released!
  17. mr.P


    dude looks epic as fuck! some sweet brushwork right there! love the theme, will need to take it for a spin the one thing I'd consider would be to remove all lights (but keep the props) and have everything lit by daylight, especially in the bombed out building it kinda breaks the illusion of the lights still working while the roof is rip
  18. here are the tools I use for creating textures (in no particular order): maya, vue, GCFScape, VTFedit, photoshop, nDo2, notepad++ I really like the nDo2 plugin, super easy to use/understand and cheap! would also recommend getting GCFScape to brows cs:go materials and check out how they have setup things - its pretty much a must
  19. lil update: recently back from vacation in charleston (absolutely amazing town), releasing mad max in a few weeks, releasing jc3 later this year, doing some minor stuff in source1/2, going back to swe in a few weeks (moose hunting starts! weee)
  20. trying to make a decent looking backdrop, probably needs a wee bit of color/fog tweaks to look good, also added some graffiti to the walls for some color, still very much wip will hopefully upload a new version later tonight, have a nice weekend
  21. yeah, what you are saying - more or less try to make them fit together a little bit more, for example the stains on some of the textures pops too much etc. also add normals and spec, some models are 512-2048, so they might need to be upped or down rez etc...so trying to make it feel like a real place, attached a ref pic i've been using
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