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  1. cross posting like a slut, started working on a tf2 level, test version01 here: http://tf2maps.net/threads/mountains-side-wip-name.26408/#post-350835

  2. checked around, does not seem to be any updates that might have caused this, can't remember what drivers I run, but I'll try the version you are running next time I get the chance,
  3. @blackdog tested around a little, could not find any issues,
  4. this, and q1dm6, hldm: stalkyard, ironyard, rapidcore, homeoworld (ofc duuuh :)), boot_camp,and fling, ut: turbine, and that skyscraper map, other: pl_upward, dod_avalanche is also a beauty, dust2, assault, and pretty much all original ns maps, like ns_hera etc. the jc2 map, ...and that rainbow level in mario cart,
  5. hmmm, I'll ask around, what drivers are you on?
  6. looks good, I'd change the corner trim to something that matches the foundation stones more, and cut the depth of the window trims to a 1/3, perhaps subdivide the roof and add some details; like this http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/518259462802786753/CE2620D9C31F0EFEC1A0C9DF93D4C2F05775E002/
  7. life is hard, cs (hostage map), tf2 payload or insurgency map next? waaahhhh

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    2. El_Exodus


      Wasn't ted also working on an oil plant level?

    3. RivFader


      I think it was his Lite remake.

    4. MaanMan


      I may have a potential project for you, however it is a defuse map. I'll send you an email about the project later on. 

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  8. finally got the camo net shadows to work, remade A bombsite
  9. mr.P


    did some minor adjustments to the layout, the mid is more open, moved t spawn, added some platforms at B, made a few halls/streets more narrow...
  10. anyone having issues with cascade shadow mask? can't get it to work on textures with alpha :(

    1. mr.P


      self solved, didnt manage to get the texture shadow to work, so converted the displace to a prop and added it to lights.rad

      not the solution I wanted, but the end result is the more or less the same,...so.. ggs

    2. Squad


      I used to have a lattice texture in Ali and it casted nice shadows. Later on when still building the map, these shadows weren't cast anymore and I couldn't fix it whatever I tried. So I build a grid with the block shadow material.

      Not sure, but maybe the feature isn't supported by the csgo engine anymore?

    3. mr.P


      hmmm I'm not sure, I know its working on some textures like metalgrate003a, but wasnt able to make a custom texture and get it to work, tried a bunch of different things, ...so either its broken, or something else change :(

  11. mr.P


    dude this is one impressive map! very well composed!
  12. mr.P


    did a playtest with /r/globaloffensive earlier this week, the feedback was great and really helped out, I still got ~8 more hours of demos to watch but the takeaway was T/CT timings to A; so decided to shuffle around A site a little bit, mainly decreasing CT timing and increasing T timing and adding some covers, the top of the hesco barriers is also reachable by a ladder on a new fuel prop, current placement of CT/T spawn is a little wip, I will probably redo T start to make it feel more unique, also going to open up mid a little bit more and add a balcony at B and some more covers on the streets, but that's for a future update
  13. coolest shizzle I've seen in a while, true concrete porn! looks insanely crisp! ...and that camo over the crate....gaah a minor thing, the checker texture in the last shot looks a little too clean,
  14. mr.P


    good feedback from the mapcore playtest! thanks! so, had some yesterday to make some minor adjustments: - new layout, less cod, more classic (hopefully) - removed the guard tower and close by hesco barriers at A site (will hopefully make that small nook on the ct-side of A more useful) - tweaked the light exposure and bloom (still need to test it on a few other computers to make sure its not over bright) - added some $detail to tank and iron dome - various clipping issues (trees and stairs) - tweaked distance fade on a few props
  15. yeah glnext, think its pretty certain that all major engines will support it
  16. mr.P


    thanks lads
  17. mr.P


    soooo... been posting some pic in the wip thread the past few weeks and now its ready for a first release, +100 custom props, can't remember how many made it into the map since I had to cut a lot, a lot of them was made in Source2 hammer +90 custom materials, some were cut... anyways, here are some fresh screens + dl link, don't be shy with your feedback! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=540249181
  18. ya, will see what I can do, that mesh is wee headache because of collision etc, so will probably need a little rework, amt I'm pretty antsy to start with the next project anyways, the latest addition is the heat hotel landmark, similar to the bell tower in inferno it can be seen from most key areas in the map, and will hopefully help with navigation
  19. spanks, lets hope we get ssao on models for christmas! the balconies and windows pops a little for me, was hoping not having to bake ao for the wall props since they all share the same material, but if it has to be done it has to be done, also noticed that some of the polys on the siderwalks and some barriers are lit incorrect, disabling vertex lightning might solve that,
  20. you know you are close to release when making the overview img, anyways don't mind the background on the loading screen that will be changed once the map is done, was hoping some friend could hook me up with some pimped out img... was concerned about the file size, but after some opting its down to 71 mb (without any severe quality loss) and that includes keeping the 4096 backdrop texture you guys can test it here (there are some obvious bugs etc) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446241636 got some clipping and minor tweaks left before the pitchforks can rip it apart, once its done and released I will remove the public access for the map and keep it private for testing, (screens are taken on potato laptop)
  21. been a while since I tested this map, looks like its coming along good, are the screen taken from a final compile? (-staticproppolys -textureshadows -staticproplighting etc) and do you have any cc? its still feels a little dark, think its the combination of the skymap and the wood textures, perhaps try to crank up the light environment, but it might also just be that you need to run it in final compile and/or add a cc (or add reflective to some textures cloudy bright day night overall simplify the brushwork and swapping some textures might also be helpful since it looks like its placed high up in the mountains it would be cool to have some type of plateau or vista point also looks like you have good amount of details in the interiors, so perhaps tune it down in the outside areas, a simple thing would be to remove the weeds from the ponds (but keep the lotus), might also help to turn a few of the ponds into sand gardens, bonus: it's a Korean temple if I remember correct(?), I'm totally going to nerd out and say that you should incorporate the following areas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Buddhist_temples#Typical_Layout
  22. mr.P

    [CS:GO] de_proxy [WIP]

    love the theme! looks good, if you want some custom textures with a Swedish bunker-theme you can check out this release https://www.patreon.com/posts/1140309 don't mind if you copy paste parts of it either
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