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  1. everyone's favorite color, a pink sky at night means sailor's delight, pink sky in the morning means sailor's warning
  2. Some progress, all screen grabs are taken outside of the playable area... T spawn by the cars, the broken elevator serves as entry point to the main hangar The stern, backside of the map with a ramp leading up to a objective, propellers will be added later Ct spawn, starboard side, defenders start on the elevator with instant access to the hangar
  3. ...time has past since the events that drought Suez Canal in 2026, stranded under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the CVN-class warship "Carry". A place the locals named the Graveyard. Download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984503966 Example of exterior Example of interior: A-site, exterior B-site, interior
  4. this sounds super fun! think I also shall contribute with a entry!
  5. wip for my submarine pen, fits ohio-class submarines and smaller
  6. Another wip, still missing details like ferns, driftwood and larger pebbles,
  7. screen grab of a re-purposed old map, finally something for danger zone, will hopefully become another odd one out -- nothing casual, very vertical, shotguns and smg + power jumps and hopefully featuring all the latest valve shenanigans for csgo hammer! :D~
  8. Ohhh...wow, this tool looks very useful! mass placing props has always been time sink in hammer (even with 'expert'-mode), had no idea this existed until I read your post!
  9. nice! trying it out myself while re-purposing my battle island map how it looks in hammer how it looks in game (without details) added some details (but still need to work on the masks)
  10. snappers, u made tides for cs:s? man, we've played that map to the bones on the UA server, good stuff!
  11. been working on a steam vr home scene, its about 90k*90k hammer units so pretty big - yet compiles and runs surprisingly well, the scen appears brighter with oculus/vive,
  12. mr.P

    Heart of the Oak (TF2)

    In the heart of an old oak forest lies a tempel, you and your friends just discovered this temple, now you and your friends will die in this temple! Naa...just kidding, you will survive Some images: dev thread (and download) here: https://tf2maps.net/threads/heart-of-the-oak.31432/ on steam workshp here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962571666
  13. started working on this a long long time ago (think I'm commited to complete it), so time to start a wip thread, thought it would be cool and challenging to make a aircraft carrier map, here are some pictures: ct-spawn b-site: neart t-spawn: overview: some concept/mood art: you can download it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=266643219
  14. Good stuff! Looking forward to see all the maps coming out from this!
  15. mr.P

    [TF2] DEWM

    found another old wip picture, this is most of the static meshes in the map before getting textured,
  16. mr.P

    [TF2] DEWM

    thanks started working on it in December 2016, and released it end of February 2017, probably did 1-3 hours most days with a 3 weeks downtime over Christmas, here is the full Update history https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dewm.2853/updates
  17. mr.P

    [TF2] DEWM

    thanks all, I'm curious ab the "sudden" source 2 interest considering i made this map that I posted here a few years back, which pretty much follows the same workflow as this, guess interest has grown over the past ~3 years since the source 2 alpha tools were released, regarding this self explored workflow, I prepared a long post, but forgot to post it, and now its gone ...the gist was: 1. make a map in source sdk 2. import it into source 2 hammer (it reads vmf and uses the same units) 3. build your props to fit the map (just like source hammer; s2 hammer can't export mdl so a 3rd party application is needed) 4. export your props as fbx and import into a application that can export smd/mdl, like blender (free), xsi (free), maya, 3ds or modo 4a. fbx saves uv coords, but its not possible to uv unwrap/island for baking in s2 hammer, that's done in a 3rd party application 5. export to smd/mdl (if you have a qc compiler) and bring back to source sdk valve.developer is the place to go for documentation, dota2 tools and destinations tools ...mixed with your own curiosity and creativity! (but I'm pretty sure there will be tutorials on youtube etc once there is enough incentive to make em) I'll quote myself from two years ago and say the source 2 hammer is still "awesome"! and if you haven't tried em I think you should!! note: there is nothing special with this workflow, I've used maya/max for the past 15 years, but found this more enjoyable, hope it helps, if you have specific questions I'll try and answer them, thanks
  18. mr.P

    [TF2] DEWM

    Decided to make a tf2 map, This is DEWM, a king of the hill experiment in Team Fortress 2; set on my favorite red planet; on this planet there is a facility, this is where you fight! Here is a short video: Here are some more screens: I used Source 2 hammer to create the props, ended up making 100+ props, including animated, dynamic and static models, each prop was timeboxed to ~1h The name suggests "DOOM" but I mostly used Overwatch as inspiration for the props, setting and style; whilst keeping it tf2 styled...this is a 80's retro inspired sci-fi map with pipes, wires, glass floor and jump pads, custom content from top to bottom, If you want to test this map you can download it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873248180 If you want to use these props you can download them here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dewm-hard-surface-asset-pack.3903/ If you want to use this map/props in SFM you can download it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890128859 PS. The map looks better in game, D; Enjoy,
  19. been a while since i posted anything here, here are some wips from a sci fi map for tf2, we have played it a lot over at tf2maps.net, a ton of more screens here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/invalidnick/screenshots/ spawn room team connector outside of spawn, vent, middle, control point, subtle hell area, edit, forgot to add the screens...so silly
  20. mr.P


    the name is cool
  21. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700952986 nothing to do at lunch, pampers, its köttkakor soon
  22. been slacking the past few weeks, jc3 release n all that etc, got a few shots of my tf2 map (also posted elsewhere), overall it's coming along, been hitting all types of source engine limitations, so been busy converting brushwork to models...nothing fancy but it has been refreshing (trying) adopting to a new art style, was hoping to hit the date for a community holiday event with this map, but with the current speed I'm looking to release this later....erm...next year ggs
  23. started working on a tf2 level, using some textures by Daskaren that we made for our little dota2 project, there is a dl link to a test version of the bsp in the status bar, ...ps, got a cs-map in the works too, and it's pretty much ready to be playtested, but...payload is so much fun! and jc3 is coming out soon, so been busy etc,
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