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  1. cross posting like a slut, started working on a tf2 level, test version01 here: http://tf2maps.net/threads/mountains-side-wip-name.26408/#post-350835

  2. life is hard, cs (hostage map), tf2 payload or insurgency map next? waaahhhh

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    2. El_Exodus


      Wasn't ted also working on an oil plant level?

    3. RivFader


      I think it was his Lite remake.

    4. MaanMan


      I may have a potential project for you, however it is a defuse map. I'll send you an email about the project later on. 

  3. anyone having issues with cascade shadow mask? can't get it to work on textures with alpha :(

    1. mr.P


      self solved, didnt manage to get the texture shadow to work, so converted the displace to a prop and added it to lights.rad

      not the solution I wanted, but the end result is the more or less the same,...so.. ggs

    2. Squad


      I used to have a lattice texture in Ali and it casted nice shadows. Later on when still building the map, these shadows weren't cast anymore and I couldn't fix it whatever I tried. So I build a grid with the block shadow material.

      Not sure, but maybe the feature isn't supported by the csgo engine anymore?

    3. mr.P


      hmmm I'm not sure, I know its working on some textures like metalgrate003a, but wasnt able to make a custom texture and get it to work, tried a bunch of different things, ...so either its broken, or something else change :(

  4. workshop publisher error code 7....whaargh argh whats wrong (read up a little on the csgo workshop wiki...) 200 mb is the max file size for csgo maps... bye bye spec and cube maps :)

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    2. MaanMan


      Can you upload a version in its full glory (before the scale back) to Dropbox or Google drive?

    3. mr.P


      you can add me on steam id/invalidnick if you want to try the current version (updated it yesterday), haven't really planned on making the project public until its (somewhat) complete :) will try to wrap it up and release it in the upcoming weeks,

    4. Squad


      @Vaya it's safe to increase lightmap scale on surfaces like roofs, large chunks of open terrain, etc (ie: scale of 32-64), but you can definately scale it up on a lot of other surfaces too. Not sure if that answers your question. Let me know if it's not what you were looking for :P 

  5. its hammer time!

    congrats to the mapcore competition finalists and winner

    1. Squad


      Working on your boat level again or something else? :)

    2. mr.P


      heat remake, been thinking of the boat for a looooong time now heheh...hopefully I'll get back on that later this year(?)

      some screens http://steamcommunity.com/id/invalidnick/screenshots/

  6. test

    1. El_Exodus


      didn't work

    2. 'RZL



    3. mr.P


      this test is now complete

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