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  1. Wow, thanks for all the feedback! Greatly appreciated, I really do agree on almost everything that has been said, and its great that you point these things out so i can get back and correct the issues. I would like to thank all of you who sent me the questionaire, but i got so many i will not have time to write replies, so i post here instead.
  2. Hello guys! I just recently finished Project 25 and would like your opinions of it. Project 25 is a single player episode, made by me, with 30 minutes of playtime set in the Half-Life 2 universe. The episode is a part of my final year project to get a Bachelour of art. The goal is to create a unique single player experience while still keeping the episode true to the original. Voice acting is performed by Kelly Harrigan, Edwyn Tiong and Emelie Isacsson. If you have some time to kill i would be very happy if you downloaded it from my website, tried it out and then filled in the questionaire included in the .zip (this would really help me out with the academic part of my project). You need Half-life 2, Half-life 2 epsode 1 and Half-life 2 episode 2 installed to get it working. Installation instructions are included in the .zip . You can download project 25 here: http://www.filip.coulianos.se/files/project_25.zip
  3. The Decadence team are now HIRING LEVEL DESIGNERS: The Decadence team is now actively hiring Level Designers to contribute with levels for upcoming releases of Decadence. We are looking for independent and awesome level designers with previous experience of working with the Source engine. Knowledge about modelling and texturing is a plus. What we offer: Be a part of our small, tight and intimate developer team and help us develop the worlds best competetive First Person Shooter! An official level for Decadence in your portfolio can greatly help you to get a job in the industry because of our high filter of quality. You can also have us as reference when looking for a job as many of the Decadence developers already are working in the gaming industry. We have thorough documentation for level design with sample levels and source files of the official levels available for you to work with. You can try out our Decadence Developer Kit today and then decide wether you want to apply or not. The Decadence Development kit is available at our website, just register an account and become a a contributor through this link to get access to the DDK: http://www.decadencemod.com/community/contribute How to apply: If you are interested in being a part of our awesome developer team, please send us an email with a short description of yourself and a link to your portfolio: [email protected] about: Decadence is a first person shooter powered by the SourceĀ® engine where four players in teams of two fight over territorial control in a unique node capture system. The mod is a true total conversion with 100% custom graphics and audio. You can read more about Decadence and try out our current version at our website: http://www.decadencemod.com
  4. I'm coming to you with a rather big news update from the Decadence mod. We've released what we call the "Decadence Developer Kit". This is a package primary focused at the level design community and includes a fully working version of the mod, documentation to make the most of it, a custom compiling tool and the source files for our levels for you to take a peek at. We also took us the time to update our gallery with 12 brand new screenshots, all of them from the DDK. More information is available at www.decadencemod.com
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone, heres an update: *updated screenshots*
  6. The font is custom made by our team member Claes "Nurb" Engdal. If you take a closer look you will notice that there are actually trees growing out of the letters.
  7. The glowing trees have been affected by toxic water, thats why they are green. We wanted this because theres so much you can do with mutated plants, such as letting them act as lightsources or contrast to the otherwise colourless environment. They can also act as natural cover and be an effective tool for blocking off roads. We have problems with the glowing leaves getting too much attention, and it looks odd when only the trees in the park are glowing, and nothing else. We planned to add smaller plants and stuff glowing aswell, but we didn't make it to the deadline. However we will be adding them pretty soon. e-freak: The trees do have lightsources, but very vague. You can see it in the screenshots if you look closely.
  8. Hello everyone! This "level" is made for the mod "Decadence" and is just a dummy level (we call it "The Zoo") for us to define how the style should look like in-game. The world geometry, lighting aswell as a few models is made by myself, but this level is truly a team effort. I would really like to have some feedback on the level though. My main consern is the brightness, all monitors are differently calibrated, do you think the level is too dark? Is there anything you think is missing in the level? Is it original enough? Could other elements be added to enhance the unique setting even further? Read more about the mod at: http://www.decadencemod.com *updated screenshots*
  9. I dont understand how i could replace selfillum with an envmapmask? The results should be far from simliar..? In that case, what should I write instead of $selfillum "1" ? I cant find any info about it in the source sdk wiki.
  10. For adding transparency i use "Alphatest" 1 and it works flawlessly on my model, however I would like to add self illumination in some parts of the texture as well. The problem is that "alphatest" and "$selfillum" are both using the basetextures Alphachannel. How can I work around this problem? Is it even doable? Thanks in advance =).
  11. misterbister


    As I wrote about the orange lights at interlopers: I thought that making the textures orange would make some scene(s) too dark and have too few colors. The result got quite cool, but not very realistic. I guess its up to you wether you like un-realistic coolness or realistic coolness :wink:.
  12. misterbister


    This is a map that i have been working on for the past three weeks. Its a small sci-fi 1 on 1 map for HL2:DM. Its made mostly for portfolio purposes, but plays quite well. Textures are made by PhilipK. I regret that I did'nt post it any sooner since I got some good feedback that I could have fixed if I did. Lesson learned, thanks for all the feedback. I have only made some small fixes since the beta. A spawn issue with the shotgun aswell as some texture alignment and sharper shadows. Download the map HERE. Here are the screens: The same images as above in full-size: http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... ch0007.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... ch0008.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... ch0009.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... ch0010.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... p70037.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... p70039.jpg http://www.leveldesign.nu/skit/misterbi ... p70043.jpg
  13. No i do not. I thought the map was small enough to cope without a landmark, but in the end i quess its all about the time available.
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