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  1. i haven't made anything in source before, but i want to make something for this, i think it's a really good idea - make something that looks nice AND plays well in such a limited space... i think it has a lot of potential to bring out some nice creative stuff...
  2. holy shit, the stereoscopic shots are awesome haha
  3. machina you already know i think it's looking awesome of course, really nice stuff
  4. It looks solidly built and is the one that comes off the most as an "old school hldm" map in my eyes, while still maintaining the creativity to stand it above the rest. Dunno just my opinion.
  5. well i live in an apartment, i can't use anything too powerful i actually only use that for its onboard tuner now, i usually have stuff hooked up to a gnx4 and a pair of studio monitors or headphones my nice headphones are broken though :*(
  6. these are awesome I don't think I'm going to have time to do anything though rightn now.
  7. sounds good to me if i can remember how to set up hammer for hl lol
  8. holy crap! i'm installing this right away when i get home
  9. ken20banks

    W.I.P. Critique

    this looks pretty nice
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