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  1. That is too flat, other than that it does look like the retail game
  2. Great stuff dude, it seems like a great closer to your Half Life modding chapter, putting together everything you learned into one final product. Awesome
  3. Or maybe this thing just wasn't fun and they shelved it for that reason?
  4. Yeah, I've heard bits of HL1 tracks in movies and other content. Must've been a stock pack that was popular at that time.
  5. Dude has a dope name too, liam TRIFORCE
  6. But that is mostly about just having one or two projects going at a time?
  7. I'm afraid of googling this, don't want to be marked as a chomo.
  8. Buddy

    Goals for 2021?

    Also live a healthy life so you don't need it, lol.
  9. Somehow i'm not getting the 'omg best evar' vibe from these reactions. ?
  10. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    What if you had covid already?
  11. Buddy

    Corona Virus

    Let me guess, 500 years of short term thinking adds up to a long term disaster? SHOCKER
  12. lol, really? after 8 years of them hyping the thing? lmao
  13. Deus Ex 1 > Cyberpunk 2077 change my mind
  14. Wow this thread is so old already! We're all heading towards death at an alarming rate.
  15. It would be a nicer unveil if they didn't put it in the thumb and title lol good stuff tho
  16. This generation my first feeling is 'why should I care' and then 'microsoft made the right choices'. That's about it, probably not getting either console for now.
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