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  1. Buddy

    Stranger Things

    Don't watch teasers and trailers for things you are already sold on
  2. Whats with the constant complaining about Valve and their SDK? Chill out people. New full length Half-Life game is not enough to satisfy you nowadays?
  3. I wanna see what kind of girls you are dating @zastels
  4. haha what happened here
  5. Yeah man, basically that. Their changes show the lack of understanding (of basics!) in lighting
  6. It seems they messed around with the art too much, that original image is way better - maybe except the character not being properly lit lol.
  7. I saw that on a bigger screen and had NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON xd
  8. Haha yeah of course but i'm just not surprised at all
  9. Haha, wait, a corporation lied to you?!
  10. Stylization would help the suspension of disbelief make a come back. The realistic depiction of dumb cartoonish content kinda eats away at it too much for me.
  11. Gave this 20 min. Very Promising! They really need to clear up the visuals though. It's busy and dark as fuck atm.
  12. They did have a whole presentation about opening doors in VR. There will be doors.
  13. I don't understand how creating market monopoly is democratizing anything (?). Soon epic will have it all and for free, game engine, tools and assets. Good luck competing with that without also being a giant corporation yourself
  14. They did nuke value of stock content and content creation all the way down to zero with this unfortunately. But hey, great for users right
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