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  1. That worked just fine. I guess I didn't parent my objects correctly or something, so it all exported as one mesh. Thanks!
  2. Oh I see. I must've done something wrong, as I could only export one mesh, even though I had multiple, I'll have another go. Thanks for the reply
  3. Unfortunately I don't have time to do that, and it's a good idea. I'm off to France to work on a project for 4.5 months this weekend, so I'm mostly spending time with friends/family. Maybe when I get back I'll do a video walk through
  4. Hello all! I present to you a new Single Player level for Resurrection of Evil: The Nightmare Burrows. This map was meant to be an exercise to give level design creation a bit of a twist. What I ended up doing was sitting down with my wife and we'd take turns in adding a room to the whiteboard, each having 10 seconds to add a room. I then showed her all the monster and the weapons in the game and we chose a bunch randomly to add to the level. http://i.imgur.com/OLNmWgX.jpg this is a photo of the white board with our first initial design. Afterwards we tweaked it and polished what we wanted to do, where monsters should roughly be and the flow of the level. Naturally throughout the development I had changed and improved a few things. I also tried to limit myself to how many textures I could use, which was initially a 512x2048 and make modular meshes that I could reuse. I ended up using a few more textures in the end, but it wasn't a bad limitation to work with. I also tried to complete the map in under 40 hours, but I ended taking about 56 hours to create the level. In the end it turned out to have classic level design influence. This level requires Resurrection of Evil the expansion for Doom 3 screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/hiBRmIs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GuLqA2b.jpg Download: http://from-beneath.com/garthhendy/site_files/wicky01.rar I hope you like it, please leave constructive feedback!
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently looking at Crysis 2 to make a level. Modular art pieces looks like the way to go in terms of saving some times and being efficient over all. But it seems that Cryengine only likes to have 1 model per max file. What I like to do is build all my modular meshes in one max file so i can easily match them up and align them nicely to each other and max changes if I need to. How do I go about doing this for Cryengine? The pipeline for modelling is just the only thing that's stopping me from completely adopting this engine as the engine of choice to make levels. Thanks! Zombie
  6. Hrm Resident Evil 6. Where do Capcom get their designers from? Initial impression: terrible controls, frantic random input sequences that make no sense. Very hard to see where you're going, even with my Toshiba TV which is 2 months old, fully calibrated I had to max out the brightness to see anything. And I still had trouble seeing anything, yet the game setup recommends I should've had it darker. I don't think a level designer actually made this because it's that bad. There is absolutely no player leading what so ever, you just kind of hold forward and hope for the best. The lighting doesn't really have any artistic flavour to it, its just pitch black with blobs of lighting. You have way points for every part of the game telling you where to go (although most games have that now, but still that sucks). If you don't know where to go there is also a button you can toggle that tells you which direction you should go. That tells me a lot about the creative direction of this game. In Coop you can't see your partner if they're in the darkness there is no illumination or marker to signal where they are so it's very hard to know where each of you are; basically ruining the coop experience. Visually the game looks nice, the art is good, but that's about it to be honest. Very disappointed in Capcom.
  7. It's looking really nice, very polished. But when taking screenshots for pimping, please enable FSAA it just makes things look crisper
  8. Zombie

    The random model thread!

    That's all well and good but I think you're reading your statistics incorrectly, or they're giving you the wrong numbers. To have 12,000 draws is amazing. I don't even think Crysis on maximum settings has that many draws, no matter how complex your shaders are. To have that on one weapon would make TF2 run at 20fps, it's insane
  9. Zombie

    The random model thread!

    imaghine having 12k tetxures, haha even the thought of it makes me sweat Yeah totally, a consoles worst nightmare
  10. Zombie

    The random model thread!

    To even have 12k draws you'd need 12k unique meshes or 12k unique textures.
  11. Those fucking bees in act 2, omg they hurt a lot
  12. To compare your rings, hold the alt key to see the other one Tip of the day! cheers :monkey:
  13. Manned it up and got one of these today!
  14. Welcome to every official forum ever. That's usually why I never make a proper post because I know it'll just get lost amongst the "Blizzard failed and diablo 3is dead" posts.
  15. I ended up writing my thoughts on the forums if any one interesting in reading it. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5745444985 The problem with those forums is if you write anything constructive it's answered by 12yr olds
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