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  1. same here, there's something very... i dunno, but i like it. makes me wanna eat froot loops. how you do that, luts?
  2. this happened to me, too. really, really liked it. i knew it looked good from seeing screenshots, but holy shit do they not do the game justice; it looks amazing. better than skyrim. a few questions, and since i can't tell where the questions end and the spoilers begin, i've blacked it all out: 1) 2)
  3. wtf that bitch is supposed to be with me tonight!she's getting around like crazy, even has a spot on my dance card.
  4. it does sound weird, but it's also true. seeing how many lives he influenced and people he helped really does make you feel better. i wish i had something more uplifting to say, but all i can tell you is that once the pain goes away, all you're left with is good memories, and they will expand to fill the hole he left. share stories! talk with friends, talk with family, spend time with people who knew him as well as you did, you'll feel a lot better.
  5. i really wish we could contain our collapse, to just do it inwardly, but noooooo, we gotta lash out and take everyone else out with us. sorry =/
  6. by golly, you're right! giving money to bums DID level up my financial skills!
  7. dissonance


    this is a really good point.
  8. Jessica Curry did the original soundtrack, i remember hearing that she was hired back on for the remake... sounds excellent!
  9. POTY because i'm at work and did one of those BWUHHH laughs also, that explanation makes a lot of things make a lot more sense, especially why steam is required to play
  10. i am sooooo late to the party, but i am glad i finally bought this game, it's so good. one thing, though: there are foxes watching me, constantly. even during boss fights, i'll run for cover behind a boulder, and i'll see a fox off in the distance watching me from behind a tree. sometimes when i attempt to chase them down they lead me to interesting things, like ore veins, abandoned encampments, forgotten treasure chests that must've fallen off a caravan years ago... things like that. still, though, playing through the entire game with the knowledge that there is a fox out there somewhere watching me is a little creepy. does this happen to anyone else, or is the game mad at me for naming my character Dickbutt?
  11. dissonance

    [GS] de_abducted

    never knew that was you! christ, i love that map.
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