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  1. Finally the release it's for today!!! I am so exciting to see the miracles what you are done whit source !!!
  2. Daivy

    [L4D] The End

    2 things! - Your level design is really beautifull!Nothing to say about that. Very good lightening work. Congratulations! - Too easy! Tanks are not enought life. There isnt hunter. I dont know if is a bug but the first test during 20mn! 20mn whit BOTS !!! ^^ Keep it up Mat! Have you planned to make a campaign? Huhu!
  3. Why not? It sticks very well to L4D background...
  4. It would be so fantastic !!! I will pray for that! ^^
  5. This source mod means L4D campaign? ^^
  6. Daivy

    Off Limits - Russia

    I am so disappointed
  7. Daivy

    Off Limits - Russia

    I know what originally this map made for Nuclear Dawn and it will be in Off Limits's first released but can we see it in Nuclear Dawn commercial version?
  8. Daivy


    I know that it was already said but ... It's just awesome, fucking awesome! Damn!
  9. Daivy


    I was the last !!!
  10. Daivy


    Yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Yip !!! That was posted in april :S I didn't see...
  11. Daivy


    Yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Yip !!!
  12. Daivy


    Thank you for your comments If I chose to make a map for Gunman it is because nobody is interested by this game today... I like not making as everybody... NB : I finished two small maps for CS... Screens -----> http://www.mapping-area.com/forum/viewt ... 69&start=0
  13. Daivy


    Nice Work but why on HL1 ???
  14. Daivy


    very nice work...Really...
  15. Daivy


    That could be better but I think it is not so bad...
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