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  1. I feel the exact same way. I could care less about the future stuff/templar story. I want the fantasy of PIRATELAND, hehe. I kinda wish they just made that game ya know.
  2. Conjuring was like watching a good 80's or early 90's style horror movie that is not only creepy but fun and interesting to watch. MAMA was a piece of rubbish in comparision.
  3. Its been unclear, like a Mircosoft conference, but on their main page Its explained a bit better. It's actually up to 10 authorized PC's but you have to lend the entire library and only one person can use it at a time. The account owner will always be given the priority though, yaddy yaddy more stuff, I could care less tbh.
  4. That gave me a good laugh. Looks back over at Titan Fall.
  5. Looks like GTA is getting the same close to release treatment.
  6. I just remembered last night that Jobye(Deceiver) and I put this in. It used to be on the wall, but we kinda had to hide it lol.
  7. I donno, that demo made me re-interested in the game. I guess I'm the only one more excited for this than GTA
  8. Eh, can't have a full interogation with the Kobin guy because you'd just go "wow Adam Jensen, you've changed" because of the voice. Kobin (Elias Toufexis) was my favorite character in the game. I got to have drinks with him at the launch party, and mentioned that he should be the next Sam instead, was a good laugh. It would never fit, but man; I love this guys voice acting. There was a mission that was cut early on, which you would play as Kobin seizing a ship with a group of spec ops (mercs) at your back. Was an interesting concept but it would have been a nightmare with our tech.
  9. The old Sam couldn't perform stunts I noticed the younger looks in the videos (and Grim appear less hot ) and I will reiterate: imo Sam should have been retired from field duties, seen all these changes. Grimm less hot? You sir are crazy, . I suppose you prefer her first appearance? http://images.wikia.com/splintercell/images/9/9a/A.Gr%C3%ADmsd%C3%B3ttir.jpg lol
  10. I have enough friends, co-workers playing it on pc right now without any problems? I don't know why you are having so many issues. You say everytime, what games are you refering too? AC brotherhood and 3 had bugs but didnt crash or block me in anyway. Splinter Cell Conviction, and all the Farcry games never had issues for me. i own them all on pc. But yes, I wish Ubi put more effort into it their pc titles, its just the market is very niche for their games, even the ones I listed above and they run fine.
  11. gah, could you not have said this in your first reply much better. I don't like UPlay either. A completely different team worked on the pc port and I'm sure they are going to get everything fine tuned and working. Launch problems at its finest.
  12. Rick, saying things like "nice work ubisoft, you've outdone yourselves. please stop making games, sincerely: the world." Is why I called you a dick.
  13. Best bullshots of this generation right there. Love the art though!
  14. Its ok, its not for everyone, besides, there's a _D at the end of Ricks name for a reason
  15. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed my level Yes, but only during a humanshield by holding X
  16. Gonna wait for PC; mainly for higher res textures, and I'm sceptical of it having really rough framerate just like 4 had on the consoles. I'm also in no rush to play it, unless the hype really pulls me in!
  17. I agree, Ubi usually drops the ball on little things like that. However, you do start off on a tutorial map, because afterwards the games menu is in real-time on the plane. I think they should have added settings outside of the game before you startup. Would have been a smart addition.
  18. First I've heard of this issue? Update your drivers maybe?
  19. Wow, I just watched the EXPLORE Paracel Storm video, showing off spectator mode and the entire map! Incredible work! My body is ready.
  20. It would have been cool to have it back. I will bring it up in the near future
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