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  1. I like it (PS4), but I have to agree, searching for stuff can be tedious over time. First time I have used it on a console so I'm not sure what changed but even on my pc, I dislike that interface even more.
  2. Everything is working great except my mic is faulty. Doesn't work unless I twist it and pull it half way out of the controller :/ Gonna have to call Son'aaaaaaaay!
  3. The new eye tracking R&D Magic Lab is working on will be sick if it works like they showed at the launch party event. The company is also doing some crazy nasa related stuff which looks interesting as well.
  4. You still get your reds, greys and browns in the slums levels, so don't worry but it defiantly doesn't look like shit. Its nice to see a contrast between the 2 faction colonies in my opinion. Anyway, I highly enjoyed KZ 3. I'm excited for this, but disappointed we wont have the mechs back, and instead get shitty grav platforming sections.
  5. Wolverine extended bluray was really good. I guess they added a bunch of blood because i heard their was none in the theatrical release.
  6. Well good, because that right there was a terrible movie To bad the game gave you so many issues. Could always pick it up for PS4.
  7. Looking forward to playing this Thursday/Friday depending if the console comes early.
  8. ♪ Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♪ http://youtu.be/YQUpg795iBo
  9. Amazing stuff, far more creepy than the covered over CGI versions the movie shipped with :/
  10. Ripley's daughter eh; I take it you play a Queen alien then?
  11. Another plus about the PS4 "DualShock 4 compatible with PlayStation 3" but sadly only if u plug it in. http://www.shacknews.com/article/81678/dualshock-4-compatible-with-playstation-3
  12. Looks like its shaping up to being a beautiful project.
  13. I was frustrated too, but you need to do the H2 mission (with trevor) at the airbase, steal the Helicopter
  14. I think the story is awesome! I'm only 50% in so things could change drastically but thus far its a 10/10 for me. Just the atmosphere and music choices alone have lead up to some of the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced in a game. The gameplay/missions are hilarious and fun, and Trevor so far, is my favorite of the 3 characters. In comparison, GTA 4 was shit, never finished it because the story was so awful, boring and you were rich by the time you cross the first bridge which made his motive to live the American dream pointless...
  15. Holy fucking shit, you can rob certain convenient stores/gas stations at random !!!
  16. Yeah man, its fun, its good, I am just being harsh because aka 98% Missions however make it up by far and the immersive city/world. But the controls are a bit stiff, not as good as Max Payne as they said it was supposed to be, but still good for the game like you said. I just have to knock the game down a little, come on. Edit: Now that I have experienced a lot more vehicles, its better than i thought initially, pretty impressive actually.. I always thought it was better than 4, everything is, but unlike 4, I am having a great time with the driving.
  17. Oh there's tons they can do. The controls, shooting and driving are all still mediocre. As life-like the city feels, its still feels empty at times and has major areas you just wish could be more expanded. (Seems they cut back because of tech from earlier trailers.) Police are way better but still lifeless drones that shoot before asking questions, but at the end of the day, its a fantastic and fun game. I am really enjoying it. Some of the best missions I've ever seen in a game!
  18. I think my games broken, everyones standing on all of the furniture, lol.
  19. Jaggies everywhere!!!!! but I'm having fun, game is so hilariously wrong its hilariously good.
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