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  1. I already did the workout thing, so 2012, now its all about getting lazier.
  2. Yeah I think this will be the main challenge! Having only one enemy could potentially limit the gameplay variation and one questionmark is how they'll prevent the player from killing the alien without making the player feel completely gimped. That's the twist...there is actually 2.
  3. I'm sure it will be famtestic, but I'm at a loss of interest in it atm...since MS puts all its xbox money into marketing...shall be a jam pack amounts of faggity little bunches of kids. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~`-~_~_`_`-~-`
  4. Saw it today, much better than the first, and good movie overall! Man I want more fantasy movies.
  5. For us non-US folks. What is that exactly supposed to mean? It means this: https://www.google.ca/search?q=jew+crew&client=firefox-a&hs=NGQ&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=wGCoUqa5Iaf32QXMtYDICg&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1680&bih=880#q=j+crew&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&imgdii=_
  6. EA Won't Work On New Battlefield 4 DLC Until Flawed Game Is Fixed
  7. Bet you cant sing to your kinect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aj1twFqZA0
  8. I finally picked up BF4 last week. All this week, I I tried giving the game (MP) a chance, but as of tonight I went back to BF3. I'm sorry but 4 is an abortion of 3, I never thought I would say this, since every BF installment has delighted me up until 4. Now after playing multiple hours of BF3 , everything other than a handful of cool additions plays and feels better in 3 in my opinion. I don't understand why the game was changed so much. BF3 was so solid. Maybe I'm a bit butt-hurt I wasn't expecting such a drastic change and performance hit.
  9. It streams in the background as they install or download from what I read here: http://kotaku.com/you-can-be-playing-a-new-ps4-game-in-45-seconds-or-less-1462949507
  10. Probably because its a really good show overall
  11. . Yeah that was a great mid finale, just as good as the comic in my opinion. This is what was supposed to happen at the end of last season. In the Comic, the governor is a mad man; cuts Ricks hand off when they meet, and rapes and beats the shit out of Michonne every-night until they escape Woodburry. He was a complete psycho out of the box unlike the TV show. In the TV show I like how they built a redemption story this time around for the Governor. Its funny how they make you kinda like him for a bit by him redeeming himself, then go full psycho in the end. I thought it was a nice/
  12. AC, I bought KZ and regreted it after the first couple levels and wish I bought AC, so then I went and bought it from work.
  13. Last 2 episodes were so good!
  14. Tbh, I just wanted to get your thread moving and I don't actually think its a dead. I do wish Blizzard would do something new with the Warcraft brand is all.
  15. PS4 is pimp Xbox is wimp... goonight
  16. As cool as Wow is, its a dead horse. Warcraft needs to move on...either a new good Warcraft game, or an Action Adventure, or even just a Wow 2. Something fresh/er.
  17. Slightly higher than the PS4. Least surprising review of the year. Haven't heard that name in a long time. IIRC she was the one who designed and developed 3D realms post-Build tech. Well they are funded by Microsoft after all.
  18. Oh man... Xbox One Error E100 Bricking Consoles After Downloading Update http://www.nowgamer.com/news/2169713/xbox_one_error_e100_bricking_consoles_after_downloading_update.html LOL, they probably used Sony's refurbished Bluray players
  19. COD takes minimal brain effort.
  20. It is worth waiting and deciding which console to get and see whats to come before you spend the cash since the leap isn't huge in games, but the consoles are a huge leap forward. Xbox One isn't for me so I went with the PS4, and the only reason I got it early is because I get 100 bucks off and a free year of psn, and AC Blackflag is amazing on it!
  21. All the reviews of the xbox one are saying its very boring sadly, probably sums up to killzone.
  22. I think the larger planet looked a lot more interesting from the paintover. It took me to the last 2 screenshots to even realize you added one there.
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