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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulFeUCAI5xM Defiantly playing this now!
  2. So its like a slightly more expensive MMO, but instead of playing you do work.
  3. That does look rough visually :/ hope they are showing off 360 or something...
  4. Dude.. If thats the case than so did GTAV.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4WocqTfuIQ
  5. I feel the current gen consoles are still dragging games downhill. Long live the master race!
  6. the Watch Dogs team hacked all our PCs a few minutes ago with a small dos prompt theatric and put watch dog wallpapers up lol.
  7. Looking awesome!!!!! Cant wait to play this fucker!
  8. I love all the scifi stuff. Thats how marvel should be. Hate normal world politics marvel :/ But this trailer did feel a bit cheesy. Bad trailers make better movies normally I think
  9. http://www.twitch.tv/lirik This guy makes the game look really fun.
  10.   I intend to. Again, I'm in an uncomfortable spot with Origin, but I intend to. ANYWAYS I totally get that there will be a perception I was being unfair toward this game in this thread. Let me assure you, there are thousands of others who feel exactly the way I do! Much love. It could be worse bro, Origin could be an Xbox One...
  11. 60fps gameplay http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-watch-titanfall-on-xbox-one-at-60fps It looks to much like COD.. More so than I expected, is what I mean. The maps look super crowded when multiple Titans are on the ground. Anyone else see how busy that hud can get? Still, I'm sure it might be fun, and I'll give it a go when its cheaper and play it with peps at work.
  12. Awesome! Gonna pick this up for sure.
  13. Way to keep supporting shitty remakes guys :/ But its ok...just hope you have a bad day tomorrow.
  14. You should play Rust. One of the best crafting systems ever made. The system just needs to be added to other games now.
  15. Great character development, but the show is quite slow, kinda boring. Nothing really interesting happening. Its got quality though.
  16. I really wish I changed my nickname a while back since this is the only place I use it now, but I kept it to prevent confusion I guess. Real name at least helps
  17. Yes and no, and now I completely take back what I said about it being a pos. Anyway our group actually polices roads and cities, we take down bandits and help new spawns and lone survivors. Its actually incredible fun. If your curious about how it works, check out RHINOCRUNCH's channel on youtube.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlB5RB6t3Nc
  19. Our group pulled off a few similar events last night, taking hostages and making them box each other in the local warehouses, while one of our guys played 'Eye of the Tiger.'
  20. My biggest complaint right now is that there is really no 'Real' need for people to work together. The game needs coop functionality, besides the basic survival/shooter/socializing aspects. Even Rust and 7 days to die (alphas) are far ahead of this in terms of things to build, craft, etc. My first impressions were this: The Running Simulator, which is what this game pretty much comes down too, and that every one person I tried to meet turned out to be a psychopath, probably so bored all they do is shoot/kill you, ask questions later. And later to find out that if your server has a Voip, g
  21. I can't believe I paid 30 bucks for this POS :/
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