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  1. Really?; thought that was pretty weak, last one was better.
  2. Edit... and its down, will update it after. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0qxLpNYKKo
  3. Rainbow looked amazing! Holy shit I want that game more than anything else. I loved Swat 4, and this totally looks like its successor and then some. Finally they went back to what makes Rainbow Six.. Rainbow 6!
  4. Edge of Tomorrow was very good! Check it out, well worth it. I seen it in an AVX Atmos Cinema, far better than the regular AVX theatres I've been before. I normally dislike 3D, but this movies 3D effects and sound were on par with 'Gravity's' action sequences.
  5. Man, I hope someone wakes those 2 guys up and shoots them too.
  6. Watch dogs looks better than GTA 5 most of the time, in the allies, in and around neighborhoods and inside interiors. Tons of detail, wires, etc. First person driving looks pretty great too, especially when running things over or getting shot at. GTA looked better on the grand scale of things though, especially when flying. For some reason Watch Dogs has these areas that are just awful, and I think its the lack of mountains in the game. However that screenshot above looks like someone running it on the lowest pc settings. I've never seen the game look that bad on PS4. And to be fair, the game looks no different than this gameplay demo on PS4 -
  7. Its $70 in Canada because when our dollar rate goes down by 1 cent our games cost 5 to 10 dollars more, but when our dollar rate is 10x higher than the US, our games stay at 60, because we suck.
  8. I haven't had any issues with watch dogs on the ps4. I didn't really like it all that much at first, same feeling I had with GTA 5 as well, but once I got used to it all I'm quite enjoying it.
  9. When it rains and its night, it turns next gen. (as they say)
  10. Marketing already took care of that lol.
  11. Sort of related news, which is pretty cool; "Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards Will Direct The First Star Wars Spinoff" http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/scifi/godzilla-director-gareth-edwards-direct-star-wars-spinoff.html
  12. It was a decent movie, I was entertained enough . I thought the beginning of the movie was amazingly done because it had great pacing, acting and mystery. The end fight (the only real fight Scene) was also worth the wait, but everything else (majority of the movie) was pretty forgettable.
  13. I thought it was the Devil May Cry edition no?
  14. Looks good, but I feel as if I watched the whole movie from that trailer. So for those excited, beware.
  15. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=112243651&postcount=221
  16. Tomato/Tomayto'.. Just Cause is an awful series in my opinion. Red Faction was really fun, but didn't have enough good content and the story was repetitive, and than the company butchered the sequel which was sad. I preferred what I played in FC3 to both of your examples. As you can see my opinion differs, but I still was not a fan of FC3. I enjoyed the open world content, but I couldn't get into the frat boy story of saving your lame ass friends.
  17. I think you played a different game then I did. I wasn't a fan of Farcry 3 by any means, but it wasn't lacking in gameplay lol. It was praised/criticized for having to much content. I don't consider hundreds of repetitions of a few activities, content. I should also point out I said GAMEPLAY, content does not equate to gameplay. I could have the same thing a thousand times, I would have plenty of content, that wouldn't make the gameplay good. Races (in various forms, still all races, they were actually some of the better parts of the game) Hunting (hunting the same animals dozens of times to get skins to craft things) Capturing bases (all which were pretty much clones of each other, always a lion in a cage, some metal fences around some huts, was fun the first few times, not the 15) That is literally all I remember of that game aside from burning down that weed farm and an incredibly unlikable player character (much like Connor in asscreed 3). It was far from a memorable experience. Its the same story with assassins creed, they have become very stale. I'm desperately hoping The division and Watch dogs break that pattern. I.e every other Openworld game lmo. Gameplay content is what I was refering too. Also its the core game that matters, if you didnt enjoy it, there are plenty of other good games out there to play.
  18. I think you played a different game then I did. I wasn't a fan of Farcry 3 by any means, but it wasn't lacking in gameplay lol. It was praised/criticized for having to much content.
  19. Yeah I did, its the nic I've been using in games/twitch for the last 5 years, just not on mapcore, so I figured it was time to change it. Sorry for the confusion. Also this is hilarious!
  20. No info? The images tell enough for whats to come, and it is amazing! Do they? I didn't play Far Cry 3 (I know the game takes place in a tropical island and you shoot many things), but I have no idea what the new one is about because all the website has is an image, information about DLCs and pre-order links. How can you sell DLCs/pre-orders without even showing the game lol I'm not hating on the game, don't get me wrong (FC3 looks amazing, will probably skip it and play this one instead), but these stupid marketing ploys ubi pulls off all the time really get on my nerve. They are basically treating their costumers like sheep that will buy anything they cherish without even knowing anything about it. Anyways, I don't want to derail the thread anymore, show us the game now! Yeah its ok, tbh I completely agree with this.
  21. No info? The images tell enough for whats to come, and it is amazing!
  22. Official Site http://far-cry.ubi.com/en-US/index.aspx
  23. I donno what that is all about, I just want to play the core game, could care less about all that other shit lol. I never buy or play DLC.
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