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  1. I really enjoyed it as well, very fun movie to watch.
  2. 300 Rise of an Empire - better than I expected, actually really enjoyed it overall.
  3. 1) T2 2) Total Recall 3) Predator 4) The Terminator 5) True Lies Running man would make 6, wanted to add it since no one has given it any love lol.
  4. I heard it was a movie adaptation to "Mars Needs Moms" actually, your favorite movie!
  5. It looks alright. Murica, saving the world one movie at a time. :/ EDIT: I'm interested to see if the plot will be more complex than what they are showing and if they involve other countries as well. This poster so makes me want to have a sequel to Explorers.
  6. It is slow paced like the old R6/Swat 4 games, except now players have more choice in their playstyle. I was able to charge in all I wanted in Swat 4/R6. Sometimes it was a good tactic depending on the level and the defender. You don't have to go through bombing the house if you don't want to, That's whats so cool and fun about it, that you can. Think tactics, it might work great for one group and bad for another, creating all these pathways for your enemy to flank later isn't such a good move for example. I think the game looks fantastic, and like me, so many people out there have been wa
  7. I believe! Really looks promising. I could watch that trailer over and over.
  8. I didn't like BF4, and that's fine with me. I also feel they have lost the magic. Here's hoping Battlefront will bring it back.. ps. it fucking will!!! I try to tell myself
  9. Would love to see some new games from valve :/
  10. Watched the last 2 eps back to back, what a masterpiece! That is all.
  11. I played most of the day yesterday and pretty much did everything the alpha has to offer. I tried all 3 classes, but brought the Warlock class to the max level the alpha allows ( and upgraded him pretty far within the tree line. It wasn't quite like the E3 stage demo sadly but overall I enjoyed the game quite a bit and think I will be pre-ordering it. Similar to the Elder Scrolls Online, it took me around 3-4 hours before things started to flesh out. In regards to Destiny, there ins't much of an intro in the alpha so it can be a bit jarring but once you start figuring out how it all work
  12. I gave it ago on PS4 as well (only key I could get) and I'm in the same boat. First impressions, I didn't really enjoy what I played.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6I8Tlmr0RM
  14. Love what I'm seeing so far. Really like the slow pace and theme of the game.
  15. Its by the creator of Dark Souls and will be very similar to that style of game.
  16. Really excited for this game! I didn't get into darksouls because I wasn't a fan of the art style or themes, but this, this makes my dick hard.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIL31lOk8ms Beautiful.
  18. I played all Jedi Knight games. Especially Outcast. Damn that was good. Some of my favorite games of all time right there. Especially because you could ghost through the environments and spawn in your own enemies and vehicles, build the levels the way you want if you wanted too. I used to spend hours in those 2 games doing that. I also added additional star wars music to the game to make the moments even cooler. I love star wars too much I guess
  19. Actually fyi, Ubi's Heavy hitting games shown are all ingame and playable on PS4, however I'm not sure about Rainbow Six.
  20. Damn, Open world Zelda looks sexy!
  21. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/06/09/the-far-cry-4-digital-issue-is-live.aspx Gameinformer has a few short clips of additional gameplay plus a clip of riding an elephant killing dudes.
  22. 7 Minutes of Gameplay! Updated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTGshRejvfM
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