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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eac0lXfMs9c
  2. The Drop: Pretty good, slow, but loved the end. American Sniper: Decent movie, but it felt like it didn't really capture the true Chris Kyle, rather felt like I was watching Bradly Cooper who quit acting and became a bad ass sniper, if that makes any sense to you, probably made me enjoy the movie more thinking about it this way, heh. Horns: Also decent, although the plot was a bit meh. What made this movie good enough was that, without spoling to much, his appearance brings out the darkside in people and what they are truly thinking. I wish they did a bit more with it, but what they did do was fantastic.
  3. I thought the movie was pretty damn funny! Dick jokes are my thing though.
  4. The 3rd Hobbit film ;/, and I don't recommend it. It ruined the the whole thing for me. No focus, everything was Convenient, no urgency in the movie at all. To much use of CG. I don't understand all the war/battle scenes in this one. It felt as if they tried to hard to be LOTR, they can never live up to LOTR, and every fight felt like a comic rather than good fight choreography. The movie was all over the place and didn't focus on much of the main characters. It had its good moments of course, but overall, I would never watch it again.
  5. This thread went from Terminator to Terminated! XD
  6. After seeing this breakdown, its more interesting for sure, still don't want to be burned for the 3rd time, so I might wait for it to be on Netflix.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62E4FJTwSuc YEAH... NO THANKS...
  8. Grinwhrl

    Star Wars

    I hated this hilt/cross-guard at first as well, but now its growing on me everytime I see it, and I kinda love it, even if it still reminds me of a blowtorch welded onto a saber hilt. Could help that the rumours behind it also sound really interesting.
  9. I'll wager that a "we'll fix it in post" attitude is exactly why the FX look like something from the asylum lol GOTG was no where near as bad as Jurassic World, but same situation. WWZ suffered from the same thing, CGI was terribad first trailer, then when I watched the movie, the CGI was pretty impressive. Jurassic World looks likes its going overboard with CGI, which wont impress me. That giant Croc thing was just silly.
  10. The CGI isn't finished yet, its got another 5-6 months of time to get right. But I still agree, the original movie looks so much better. The last 2 movies were disappointments. The Lost world had so much potential to be perfect, but nope. (sometimes I just want to see Lost World remade into something better, on the original island, but that will never happen.)
  11. Sweet, http://www.pcgamer.com/far-cry-4-review/ didn't expect them to give such a good rating tbh.
  12. I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I was hoping the elephant gun would be the key to taking out a rhino with a head shot. Doubt it though :/ Cages - I just use my bow, or silenced weapon. One shot to the cage usually opens it up.
  13. The whole game is 80% copy-paste from Far Cry 3 Hehe, okay, that's a bit true. Just feels like you'd replace the weapons since they are a fairly "easy" thing to replace. I dunno. I think it would be the perfect game to create your own improvised weapons. I'm surprised they didn't go that route to expand on the whole crafting system.
  14. The whole game is 80% copy-paste from Far Cry 3 There is always GTA5 100% copy-paste.
  15. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it. Its a really improved and fun Far Cry experience. I was looking forward to playing it today, but unfortunately, us devs in Toronto are stuck behind the, 'we didn't get our games on release day DRM'... :/
  16. Dude, there are already a ton of reviews, screenshots, streams and videos on Youtube to watch. Go look for yourself and see if you like what you see, lol.
  17. Stream going on http://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft
  18. This was hilarious! 7:40 mark is the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiJrK62akSw
  19. Should of bought Farcry 4 instead. But yeah, I really don't like some of the directions they went with AC.
  20. The game is cheaper on Origin for some reason..?..
  21. looks like they are all back on steam.
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