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  1. Ok Thrik, what you described is a mechanic, but bodies disappearing when they serve no gameplay purpose, its for performance reasons, thats all I am saying. If you want gameplay situations for bodies, such as alarm/drag/hide/rape, etc than yes they are mechanics It really depends on the game tbh.
  2. Just because it has to do with performance doesn't mean it's not an mechanic. There are more examples in which both are effected like the locking of doors behind you. Both of these are performance/progression tricks, why else would they be used? Its to either lock players in so they cant fuck up the game, or becase stuff behind the player must be unloaded, etc. Yes they both suck, I agree.
  3. Sprony, that's not a mechanic, that's a performance thing. I'm also not a fan of QTE's, at least when they are not done right, for example, AC3 and The force Unleashed games. Unskippable intro tutorials can be annoying too, I hate em, but they are needed most of the time. I've done a bunch of work to try and make this stuff clear but more systemic. New players really suck at learning game mechanics. Its hilarious how hard it is to even get a player to learn how to take cover for example.
  4. "We're creating something that's completely NEW" A First Person Shooter about aliens where the human protagonist fights against extinction. And I'm ok with that, it does look cool, and I'm sure it will bring a lot of new mechanics to the table; but its sad its planned for this generation of consoles and no PC. I was hoping for next gen, or at least PC but I shouldn't expect these things from them.
  5. I have Alien trilogy for the PC. I remember playing it for something like an hour and never going back.
  6. I love those vids. Looking forward to the next one!
  7. I'm hoping to go, but not counting on it.
  8. It does depend on some companies but they are completely different jobs and pay grades in the development of AAA games. Classing them as Game Design is the reason why the results are always overinflated.
  9. I did notice that, it's a shame they didn't add it as a role but I just put Game Designer. Apparently they only recently added Technical Artist too. I emailed Gamasutra re-guarding this. I'm hoping to see a result but not counting on it this year.
  10. Can someone tell me what is the point of filling out a survey that still doesn't acknowledge level design as a job role? I think I will email them and ask a similar question.
  11. Here's an image of what the plane actually looks like.
  12. Now that was an amazing trailer! I loved the 70's style creepy music.
  13. Tell me about it. A bunch of us core devs were never happy about the changes either but with the latest version that will be shown soon enough is s a step forward.
  14. They are saying that it actually flies, yes.
  15. yeah, it will probably be a piece of shit. But looking forward to seeing one fly around the office and crash into someones face!
  16. It only made 7.2 M over the weekend, ouch.
  17. WTF was that? Looks like all the money went to the actors; so they grabbed the old GJ JOE script and a few department store looking CG film artists and made a movie.
  18. The game will never feel like that but the trailer was fun to watch.
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