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  1. I think it looks incredible! Could have chosen an actor more suiting, but Damien isn't terrible either.
  2. I can only assume its because it wouldnt sell otherwise.
  3. I think this is one of the coolest concepts to come out of Ubi, but then again I'm a huge nerd for 80's scifi. I hope it does well.
  4. Corrected "But otherwise, they are still assholes."
  5. Assholes!! RIP Lucas Arts; this Dev will miss you, even if the last few years have been a let down. Sad Face Really hope to see these projects come back to life but without the dedicated teams that were working on them, it just wont be the same.
  6. Walking Dead - Season 3 was my favorite so far. It was really well paced. Looking forward to number 4! Damn, Game of thrones just blew this out of the water
  7. Fiction. I don't know if "uncanny valley" applies for graphics in general, not just facil expressions. But as games approach extreme levels of realism, lack of some things make it feels odd. (ex: character face remains the same even after going through explosions, clothes doesn't rip or get dirty, no bruises, etc). This is true
  8. We tried. Jason wanted him in the game badly. Copyright and everything made us stay away from easter eggs. I managed to place three easter eggs in my level, called Emporia. All of them are BioShock related, see if you can spot them. We ran into the same problem :/ We had to take our hurg out too.
  9. Now that the flash has worn off me, I'm sure the game will be a fun ride/movie, but at the end of the day, I would love to see longer real gameplay scenarios and hopefully not all linear handholdy ones like in 3.
  10. I just watched the 17 minute gameplay and I have to say that's the best work I have ever seen from a military game!
  11. Just finished the Tower, if you know what I mean; BLOWN AWAY!
  12. They are ing it too much I'm so tired of this Typical tv, I don't know a show that doesn't stretch things out a little. Cough, GoT, Cough.
  13. yeah, very true, last episode was damn good!
  14. I think the problem is that you have the game to earlier than I and therefore should eat a dick! signed Envious Venturer j/k
  15. Congrats on the highly rated piece of awesome!
  16. Taking a break from Swtor and Planetside 2 for a while. I picked up Guild Wars 2, its not as good as Swtor, but its quiet fun/different, and a good change of pace for a while. Also got Bioshock Infinite, so that will be enjoyed in 2 days
  17. Watched Silver Linings with my wife, turned out to be a great movie actually! 5/5
  18. J/K Since HL1 & Bioshock have already been mentioned, I loved, for some reason, the They Hunger Intro.
  19. I'm really enjoying this show. Can't wait for episode 4! 3 left off pretty good!
  20. This all sounds lame. I am really glad I didnt impulse buy this game. I'm defentally gonna wait for the expanded cities and a discount.
  21. Django Unchained was great! 10/10
  22. I'm hoping this one will be good, AC3 was a mess of epic boring proportions.
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