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  1. The Finding Nemo gameplay looks interesting.
  2. That was awful, the name, the presentation, the whole thing. I sorta liked the xbox look though All the random buzz words randomly being thrown around had to be the highlight of it for me!
  3. CO-OP gameplay and trailer - spans four mission types and 14 maps, and is playable online and in local split-screen.
  4. Black box, cool didnt expect that.
  5. Saw it yesterday as well, really good movie! Also made me feel better about him doing Starwars, minus the lens flares.
  6. I preferred it when it was a shooter, now its just a 3rd person version of the last game no? :/ Anyway its probably for the best
  7. Those screenshots look incredible, I am excited about direction for this game!
  8. Spies vs Merc gameplay trailer! http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=Bhhx2qk5cgI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DBhhx2qk5cgI Feel free to media link this for me. I'm on vacation and couldn't get it to work.
  9. Grinwhrl


    I thought the first 40 minutes was amazing,. after that I felt like I was in Kindergarten being told a story.
  10. Full OST is supposed to have 25-tracks: http://www.destructo...st-251304.phtml
  11. Latest episode of Southland (9) Holy shit, that had to be the most intense episode ever.
  12. First 15 minutes of Gameplay - IGN So awesome! Much better than that shitty leaked video and its easy to see whats happening, at least from this video.
  13. Giant Bomb has an Interview with Dean Evans, the Creative D..ude. He's pretty wild, but pretty interesting convo further in. http://www.giantbomb...bocop/1600-462/
  14. in fact, is a standalone http://store.steampo...nr=1_4_4__105_1 And i kind rather this way, cause i'm not planning to buy FC3 soon, but want FC3:BD Yeah man, I preordered my copy on steam. Game + OST for $15 = AWESOMESAUCE!
  15. Did you work in this? As a LD? I wish I did :/
  16. How Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was made in less than six months http://www.shacknews...as-made-in-less
  17. For the art? Because gameplay seems perfectly the same, probably leaning much more toward shooting but looks just like a re-skinning. While the art, as I said, I like it; I'm annoyed by some animations that look choppy and I'm not a huge fan of gratuitous offensive animation+sentences (i'm afraid they'll be quite repetetive instead of punctuation marks). I totally get that, but can you blame me because it pisses me off? I'm feeling cheated, as well as lots of gamers posting elsewhere. I personally encourage spin-offs, but I like consistent and cohesive experiences, not blatant commerc
  18. I would take this over FC3 any day. Besides its a standalone experiement to get them different style of games, taking risks, etc. By using the FC3 name, which I said before, I assume is the only way to generate enough attention to do so. I really hoping this will branch into its own thing.
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