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  1. Don mattrick apologizes for the xbox one being a failure and not meeting to their customers standards.
  2. Stores are all sold out of PS4's here in Toronto, and huge stacks (ticket things) of Xbox unos are still for sale.(pre-order) According to a few friends from working looking to buy.
  3. It would have been extra nice now that PS4 seems to be the go to console for me as well, but its on PC, which was very exciting and suprising.
  4. So this is going open world too. Man, it seems like linear games might be a dieing breed for a while.
  5. That was pretty.... Awesome!
  6. PS4 hands down. Xbone got slapped
  7. AC4 Black Lag Watch Dogs looks soo awesome! Can't wait for that game.
  8. Ok MGS, you got me sold this time, I will finally play the shit out of you!
  9. Looks pretty cool. I like the RPG nature of it. It seems like all our games are going open world, lol. Well... everything this year looked far better than Dog on Duty!
  10. Easy, because Earth is a boring piece of shit we live on and its overused I for one am happier than a stupid kid eating a Popsicle that its not earth. Or maybe just a personal problem
  11. Same here, really looks like alot of BF2 style fun! COMMANDER!!!
  12. EA is blowing my load right now!!! I can't believe I could ever say that
  13. Looked awesome to me. Its interesting to see something like COD but innovative. People have been complaining cod doesn't innovate, well, now you have it, the original team doing what Activision cannot do; Innovate. - Sci-fi, rocket jumping , mechs , and wall jumps = sold for me.
  14. Lets stop writing on this thread, its only making it popular. This is the same shit as before, again x10; wait stop, hang on, dont move, now shoot some bullets. Ok hold up, dont move. Hold up sounds like trouble. Shoot bullets, Dog. Hold up, gah...............
  15. Wow that was nuts! I seen it coming, but so delightfully terrible.
  16. You guys nailed just about everything golden about our childhood MASK was one of my Favs when I was kid, had almost all the toys, and even their main base. Then Ninja Turtles after that. Rescue Rangers, also so classic! Here's a couple more; Not sure if I doubled posted though This last vid just sums it all up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r2SOJdJKDo
  17. Thats to bad you didn't enjoy it as much. The one in Toronto was a riot! The actors can make a bigger difference I guess.
  18. My wife and I won tickets to the Book of Mormon. It was geniusely hilarious! Like a good episode of South Park.
  19. Pretty weak collectors edition right there, compared to the last one.
  20. I thought that was awful, expected more from that game. Reminded me of those chinese cgi videogames, lol. I'm sure the gameplay will be better however.
  21. Looks like hes almost at 2k likes now.
  22. Interview mostly about SvM, but features a lot of details about the entirety of the game.
  23. This sums up what I seen today
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