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  1. I personally loved Prometheus. It brings fantastic questions and has probably one of the most awesome "does AI actually think" characters. Only thing im not a big fan of is the two scientists playing with the snake thing.... that was cheesy. Other than that, its beautifully designed and well shot.
  2. MASSIVE BUMP! been playing the beta and WOW this is a great game. So balanced and fun. Reminds me of when tf2 first released
  3. Would be refreshing to see alien take place in an almost elysium type environment... Also i guess sharlto copley just landed another big role lol
  4. Re RO2: Yep single player only. Haven't tried the multiplayer. But even for multiplayer, I can't imagine it being a shitload better. Level designs are just average for UE3, only a couple weapons were enjoyable. The times I got stuck with the mounted MG's which you can only use if you find a special little ledge to place it on, sucked big time. But the worst thing was the repetition of sp levels so many times over and just making it a timed defence, that was pretty lazy. So at least mp won't have that. There is so many things wrong with this on so many levels |:
  5. I saw gunkata... was the only thing i liked lol
  6. Mass Effect Series by far! Garrus and Liara are my favourite characters in science fiction period! The world made it feel like it was a better starwars / startrek. Amazing! Especially the exploration and villain Saren which I feel was lacking from ME2 and ME3. Deus Ex Human Revolution was also a fantastic universe with a great story of the protagonist. Loved the atmosphere and the internal questions of how far is too far etc... Alan Wake! what a great FRESH adventure. Fantastic setting that felt grounded and brilliant writing for the most part. Assassins Creed 1, this one was big f
  7. if you have any bank or shotguns left i would love them <3! edit: i think i missed em lol! oh well :}
  8. Oh puddy <3 i wouldnt mind one haha.. btw when can i start using the gold ak?
  9. jaboo224


    Not to sound like a pretentious bastard but Vancouver has a great craft brewery scene. I prefer stouts mainly as im not a big fan of IPA's etc... But after drinking craft i definitely cannot go back to pabst or bud / miller.... Parallel49 is a great beer and i highly recommend giving it a go if you are for what ever reason in the neighbourhood
  10. id love one puddy. Me and a bud from work rock this usually once a week at least
  11. watched this trailer. looks awesome
  12. regardless of how the game turns out. The art is fantastic, good job to all involved
  13. Large backpack and No Pants. most fashionable dayz attire

  14. Love love love the style. This needs to be in a movie or game.... so original great work you two
  15. Yeah i did however someone else from insurgency snagged them up http://steamdevdays.eventbrite.com/
  16. did anyone else get an invite for steamdev days?
  17. Gotta say, this is one of the best games i have played in a while im a huge fan of heat so that probably helps haha
  18. Fantastic job Crytek. Visually one of the most stunning games i have played in a while and was super fun !
  19. prometheus is not a sequel/reboot tho. It just is clearly in the same universe but it should be allowed by any right to not hold the baggage.
  20. Looks badass! however the light blue on the white can be hard to see, especially the page numbers for threads
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