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  1. Farles

    Lod model -1

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew what the LOD model with -1 distance was used for. The HL2 Buggy has one, but I dont get a clue why they use it, it uber low poly. reflection? cube maps? when its behind you?
  2. Farles

    Trees :)

    Trees are white because they are birches, and birches are white. These are viewed in HLMV, so no big deal about lighting. Check Dux's new screenies of his map to see how they look ingame. HERE as for speedtree, yea ok its fun and easy to use, but doesnt work for Hl2 for many reasons and I just hate automatic stuff like Speedtree and AutoUV mapping, you totally loose the art behind modelling. What would you do if you add programs that made maps for ya?
  3. Farles

    Trees :)

    Here's some tree models I made for NightFall and Insurrection mods.
  4. i used to work with Gmax since my comp couldnt handle full 3ds max, before it morphed into this ubercomp I was exporting my models in .MD3 format then rexporting with Milkshape in .smd andthen compiling. Yes was long and sucky, but I made great things so if you really want to get your models back from Gmax, get the MD3 exporter and Milkshape, then just rexport in .3ds.
  5. you cant mod for consoles like you mod for PC. Then console sucks. That's all. Good News. Would love to see windows lag lees during games.
  6. couple of UV errors, but quite good. Just a little tip like this, if you want to give it a more realistic touch, darken alot the big plate texture where you have the holders over it. Like if the holders themselves were influencing the light on the back polygon. Cause unfortunatly Source doesnt have self model shadwoing....
  7. what I usually do for a complex tree with alot of branches: -Model the whole tree -Resave the scene with _uv suffix -Then I put all the branches straight using vertex manip -UV each resulting cylinders -Export the UV map -Reload it in the original model. Always worked fine
  8. If you dont have a UVW map, all the coordinates are at 0,0,0, which means at the same place and that's why its all white.
  9. Farles

    The random model thread!

    Couple of models I made. Got alot more not shown here. All for NightFallmod.
  10. Farles

    [tutorial] rocks !

    I made a UVW mapping tutorial : HERE
  11. hmm.. that UV program will get you pretty lazy... but anyways. I personally use Gmax, then export to MD3 -> Milkshape then to SMD -> Compile to HL2. But that's because my computer cannot handle the full 3Ds MAX. Then Photoshop to skin. I MANUALLY unwrap my models too
  12. Farles


    fuckin awesome. Finally some custom content.
  13. GJ with the 20D, What lens you got on that? (I work in a photoography store...)
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