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  1. MMORPGs sucks, period.
  2. What are / were the limitations?
  3. http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/Node_Count (nodes are powers of two numbers?)
  4. According do unrealwiki, 2 leaf nodes per poly means the best ratio (perfectly balanced tree). Taking that statement in account, does it mean that in any given map, 2:1 ratio gives the best performance scenario? 1:1 ratio, too much polies to render. 3:1 ratio, too much VIS calculations wasting too much CPU cycles.
  5. Sunlight is a bit bright for that cloudy sky.
  6. I meant, where are they in the poll...
  7. South Latin America. Where is Oceania? Middle east? Central America?
  8. wikipediano


    Who is this guy? I'm seeing it everywhere in this forum, he looks like a politician to me.
  9. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Mapping_for_games
  10. Those very dark screenshots should be gamma corrected.
  11. Do you know old games like duke3D and doom? That's what I meant, rendering lightning and shadows in the texture itself.
  12. wikipediano

    Open Source Map Pack

    That's why I don't go for upgrading every 1-3 years. Most of the heavists games all suck, you play once, enjoy all the eye candy and then poof, forget it. And that's why I map for old commercial games that went open source, like doom, duke3d and quake. Like Unreal powered games, all maps are free to open, inccluding its map contents, to see how things were done. Thanks God nexuiz is full open source, all its maps comes with the map file for you to see how maps are before compiling it.
  13. How much ram does that huge terrain map needs? 8GB? How much time did he spend compiling that thing? Days? weeks???
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