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  1. Kabelen

    [WIP] DoD_Rouen

    It certainly is missing alot. I think the lighting is ok but it could be worked a little bit more on(angles? colortone amount?). I like the last picture, nr 6. That area looks like it's very close to finished. Just keep this going and you will have a nice map?
  2. Hey Merkaba, nice to see you found your way over to mapcore! Looking totally hot the map there! I have seen some of the wip shots earlier that you showed me and I can see a lot of improvement! Won't have the time to test it though, as school, bands and the mod I work for is enough on me already..
  3. Some great stuff from a lot of people in the last few pages here! Something I'm working on: It's for CS:S..a hostage resque map..all I know for now
  4. Oh sorry didn't realize I needed screens..will get right away!
  5. I know I'm too late I guess..but I had to compile through the night and I just came home from school and the map has been finished for days..only small things like trigger_pushes that needed to be fixed.. well anyways..here it is! THIEFED
  6. I forgot to put on rad for the last compile...bummer..compiling again now..dunno if it'll be done within monday..as I have to go to bed now and it's a 2 hour compile..so it will come a few hours later according to USA timezones.. But it is finished so it just need the release!
  7. Minor things to fix in my map and compile is on as soon as I've done that, just some entity things that were screwed before the weekend..and since I've been away I have only like 3 hours left I guess(my timezone at least)
  8. Yep me too..forgot to add lights when I rebuilt a section. Final map on sunday/monday! Pics in the other thread later though
  9. I love the envorinment moroes! Could be a bit brighter and as min0z says, the fog could have a brighter tone on the grayscale! Otherwise really nice!
  10. Ok most of the map is done, compile running! Only tweaking left and details in a room that forgot to add.
  11. Ok, I'm mostly done now. Just entity work and items placement left! And maybe some tweaking but it's a fast job.
  12. NULL twiz! NULL every non visible face and it should be good...it's one hell of a job but if you do it you will get results!
  13. e-freak: I don't know..I haven't played prey, don't know what it's about..have just seen some sexy shots of some prey maps so...bottom line, I dunno..but I doubt it really..it's deathmatch with new elements tbh. You'll all see!
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