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  1. Now these are really awesome pictures.
  2. Blunkka


    These are mainly taken in our neighbourhood so the animals have become tame. Crawling closer seemed to work quite well. I was mainly sitting and balancing the lens on my knee which is kinda awkward position to be in but stabilizes the lens quite well. Dunno but by the moment I stood up the animals recognized I'm a human and fled away.
  3. Blunkka


    Alright, it's birds this time. Comments welcome. (D200+Sigma 100-300) The pole kinda destroys this one but I like the backlight And a bonus pic of a squirrel
  4. That's a good one. I like how the trees work as frames on the sides.
  5. Blunkka

    Photography and Money?

    I've heard some people making a living out of stock photography. I don't know if that's just a rumour though. In your case, anything that requires more than just showing the end product(s) is out in my opinion. Someone coming to a formal photo shoot and pulling out a P&S camera just can't be taken seriously.
  6. ^Sure thing. Check original^
  7. Hiho, It's been a while since I've posted anything here so I thought it's time to share some images again. This is sort of a new area I've been experimenting with. Got lot's of useless photos on my cards but I guess the pieces are slowly starting to come together. The first one is a couple months old. The rest is pretty recent stuff. Setup: Micro-Nikkor 60mm, 1/250 (max sync speed), varying between f20-f30, ISO 100 External flash with an A4 paper strapped with a rubberband around it to diffuse the light
  8. I really like the thunderstorm. I guess having a bit more sky included could enhance it further but overall, the strongly contrasting colors work really nicely.
  9. I guess b&w is the general style in documentary. I personally think it fits this context well. One thing that caught my eye now that I had another look at these photos are the burnt out parts. The more I look at these the more I find the highlighted "white" parts kinda distracting.
  10. Very nice photos. Having main focus area in some other part than eyes really brings an original style to them.
  11. Blunkka

    My photo thread

    Neat stuff here. The studio work is cool although I think the light should be softer. Right now it's pretty harsh and there is a line of shadow running through her face which I find a bit distracting.
  12. Blunkka

    Bugs... mostly

    Thanks. To me using a tripod was too clumsy because I'm jumping around and chasing these things I found it best to shoot on cloudy and relatively cold days. There are definitely less insects buzzing around but they stay put longer and the lighting is less harsh.
  13. Blunkka

    Bugs... mostly

    Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments. I ordered mine from Hong Kong - 9 $ It's a bargain price so I decided to order these even if the chances were that they'd turn out worthless. Probably same kind of stuff available on ebay. As I mentioned these tubes had a problem with the mount ring being flat metal which caused light to be reflected to a spot in the middle of the picture (you can see it in the third last picture). I used black spray paint on the inside part of the tubes. To me it seems that this fixed the problem. Yeah, you lose the electronic contact to the camera which means you need a lens with manual aperture ring and the viewing is at actual aperture all time -> view finder gets really dark at small apertures. The build quality of these tubes is pretty good. I'm shooting handheld. f11/f16, ISO 100, 1/160-1/250. At f32 viewfinder is just too dark to see anything. The flash is mounted on camera pointing forward with the white bounce card pulled out to catch the light escaping upwards. I think the first one is a male mosquito
  14. Blunkka

    Bugs... mostly

    Hey, Ordered myself a set of extension tubes few weeks back and I think I'm starting to find out ho to work with these things. Kinda hard because everything becomes manual when you plug the rings between the lens and the camera. Pretty cheap stuuf so I had a slight reflection artefact problem. I was able to get rid of that by spray painting the tubes black from inside tho. Annywho... here we go D200+Micro-Nikkor 60mm (with ~60mm Extension)+SB-800
  15. Blunkka


    Cool stuff definitely. Would have been cool to have some lightning too.
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