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  1. thats a little selfportrait.
  2. haha sorry about the bellybutton one, but yeah the first one is a car (with door).
  3. I started at my photography school http://www.kabk.nl here are some new pics. 1 [2] [3] [4] Inspired by sexy back (from justin timberlake) [5] It looks a bit nasty, i know.
  4. frodo fucking rocks. I bet he fuckes a lot of elves (smokin'hot ones)
  5. I hear that from a lot of people, when i show these pics. Little update.
  6. it was I nice match, we (holland) had the best chances in the second half and we deserved to win or to play even. The ref in the game Australia-Croatie also was really funny, 3 yellow card to the same person
  7. france vs switzerland: it was really weak and pussy and ugly and and and fukcing bad football really stupid match.
  8. Hope you like the update, I do.
  9. you can make the shadows less dark in your 'light_env' only forgot how
  10. some arty farty [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] I really like these photos, I'd like to hear what YOU think. So please comment
  11. A couple a days ago I bought the new red hot chili pepers album (rhcp), and the first time listening to it i was a bit dissapointed but after listnening a couple a more times it was getting better and better. And my conclusion is this album is fucking awsome. songs as : - snow (hey oh) - slow cheetah - 21st century - wet sand - hey - charlie - hard to concentrate Are so fucking good, i dont have the words to explain it. So please download/ buy / steal or do something else because you need to hear this awsome music.
  12. you should go to amsterdam, it's cheaper and you got the 'wallen' ( youknow the redlightdistrict ). No amsterdam is much better.
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