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  1. http://dynamicdrive.com/ what do i win?
  2. |FRITZ|


    chill out.. At the time I posted that, there were two pics on the front page, subsequently I thought that, for some reason, that was the limit. soory if i came off like a dick.
  3. |FRITZ|


    wtf. This should be in the spotlight thing on the front page. Remove that spanish map!
  4. can you post some screenshots at least? Im not going to dl a 35 mb video off some slow ass server If i have no clue how the map looks like. perhaps there's a dam
  5. I saw that video a coupple days ago... It makes some really valid points that should be look into.. But sadly never will
  6. ugh that was taken out of context... I dont no why Im looking at any of the 360 games ffs. I have no money at all
  7. Im gonna pick up a hdtv before I pickup a 360 Quick question. Who is kameo for? The cutezy graphics and majestical worlds really turns me off, but the gameplay seems a little advanced form what i herd. Is there a identity crisis with this game or what?
  8. |FRITZ|

    Trees :)

    err you can probably find answers there---> http://www.speedtree.com/ There is also a catalog of trees and normals/spec maps to pick from. Also they have a editor you can dl on there website and play around with. Nice trees Farles, sorry for derailing your thread
  9. |FRITZ|

    Trees :)

    soo purdy...
  10. |FRITZ|

    The random model thread!

    damn that looks great! whats it for?
  11. I once got lost in castro district. Thats why your going, so you can find a queer lover. Admit it!!!!
  12. Sounds cool. i have distinct suspicion i'll never get that password though.
  13. so you learn english by saying your a pussy over and over. whatever floats your boat.
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