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  1. typical, I was going to rationalize my spawn placements but decided instead to take the pc approach and simply try your suggestion, but I digress... glad to hear you've come around to current design. I had hoped to have one site that both teams reach about the same time (site b +/- a few seconds) and the other site with the advantage going to CT's so they could setup a bit of defense in anticipation that T's would plant there. I'm toying with the idea of adding a ventilation shaft to get to A from the tunnel but I want it to be one way so that CT's can't crawl up there from the exit (kinda like prodigy's vents that you can drop down through) logistically I'm not sure I can muster up the design to make that work but I'm going to see what I can work up. I'm going to take you up on that Seldoon182. but being that this project got shelved for 9 months the timing is a little better now. I just added you to my steam list.
  2. here's an updated layout. that's sound advice Dark, I'll definitely give that a shot and see how playtests go with swapped spawn placements. thx for the suggestion. Here's an elevation layout as well.
  3. just started working on this again, kinda put it down for several months... here's a little video of the layout changes and some paths. I want to make a push to get this finished in the next couple months but knowing me that will turn into another year... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  4. you have a good bit to go still. It was longer than I expected.
  5. this mod simply put, is brilliant! a must play.
  6. I love the lighting on that first shot along with that brushwork. Looking real nice. Those beams could almost pass for models
  7. I don't know what an airhouse is but I want one. Thanks for the refs, those are great.
  8. good call, i'll make come changes to layout. any suggestions? good eye. This was originally going to be a LHC level but I'm decided to save that that for my next project. But I was still able to use lots of ref pics from here. noted, ty. The facility is going to built into a mountain so I want to have a good bit of vegetation / overgrowth in the surrounding areas around the level which would look good with the rusty and dingy look.
  9. Seldoon182, Thanks, I might take you up on that, I'll let you know.
  10. JeanPaul, that was really cool of you to put that all together; thank you. I now have to think about which way i want to go about this; do I stick with my original design method using the displacements, subdivided? Or do I change it, and go with the supports using strictly the torus and arch tools as you so demonstrated? I think your supports given the right texture could really be appealing, but I think it will look a good bit more complex and busy than what I was originally going for, which is a clean, and streamlined look. Check out these ref photos. either way, i've learned a good bit about how to do supports in torus tunnels. Thx, if I don't use that method in this map I certainly will at some point. edit: I didn't mean for all this to turn into a thread jack so I created a dedicated thread for my map. subscribe if you're interested. viewtopic.php?f=57&t=14244
  11. but I'm subdividing; what does wall width have to do with it when all i'm going to use are the inside faces from the displacement? and it's 14 sided because I needed a flat piece for the upper most face (see attachement) so that's why it's 7..er 14 sided. I removed the bottom half as I didn;t need it. Make sense now?
  12. i know right? you were expecting one i'm sure... but the paths are the same and that's the only overview I have atm. The infamous torus tunnel is where the underground passage is now. here's a quick screenshot from above just for you.
  13. I haven't used unreal ed so I wouldn't know, but i can say it's certainly counter intuitive in hammer. nah, I don't give a shit. This stuff is just for hobby sake, it's not like this is for a mod or job. http://levelup.us/bucket/cdxx_tunnel_180.rar
  14. ha, yeah no doubt. I need to get on that soon. I disabled them all as I didn't have time to get the shadow control right for the tunnel. I've added it to my list of things to do. thx.
  15. I started this map back in June and haven't had the most time to work on it, but I've been able to put an hour here and there when I can; regardless, I like the way it's coming along. Currently I'm building it for css as a defuse map but plan on also releasing a modified version that will be hostage map as well. The theme was originally set as a post ww2 bombed out city but that has since changed to a modern day launch facility for a rocket or missile (still working on it). The most notable aspect I had going into the prehammer design was that I wanted the layout to have significant height difference throughout the level. So you'll see lots of stairs / ramps placed throughout the map. here's a shot of the layout. This was an early layout but nothing too major has changed since. The sniper nest as since been nixed and the underground passage is now a tunnel instead of a dug out mess. here's a link to my photobucket album for the level so I don't have to post all the pics, feel free to check it out. http://s553.photobucket.com/albums/jj37 ... ?start=all here's a few shots from my latest compile. constructive crits are always welcome. cheers
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