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  1. Ok, I need a tut. The model is ready, the texture is 512x512, I just need to know how to port it to source. I only have Ms3d, can it be done? Do I need specific plug-in? Thanks guys, I need the help.
  2. Yeah the base was done from scratch hence the crapiness. Ill give a shot at doing the murals manually.and then get few detail textures or normal maps to bring out some surface to them. Ill repost some other time with the disasterous results, lol. Since i doubt they will ever make it to a game, they are just practice 4 now. thanks for the good feedback gents.
  3. k, what needs work? about: I was browsing thru google and all the sudden i stumbled on this site that had paintings of advertisements on the sides of buildings, and these are two on the site. Some guy went thru europe taking pictures and researching the history of this kind of stuff, i thought i was cool, so i immediately thought a perfect texture opportunity. Suze and dobonnet are apparently both liqours or wines. I had seen suze before in a few day of defeat textures, never new what it meant or what it was since i dont speak french, and ive never seen dobonnet signs or textures before so I thought what the hell. adding the brick in the bottom, and a few edits later..... The bottom brick is a good, nasty looking brick I made from a photo I took that turned out quite well. you only get to see a peek of it tho. gg, -wt
  4. Those are totally sick models man, and the concept art is pretty sweet. I didnt get the model on the top till I scrolled down and saw the concept for him. Very unique and original. I get the "western-anime" type feeling, which is great. The guy with the hat could be a Cowboy Bebop character. All in all I'd say you've got some excellent skillz
  5. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    I appreciate the feedback. Im really not that great at this so its taking me quite of bit of time to just get to this point. I got so used to working on a 256x256 canvas I didnt realize how difficult 512's could really be. Theres alot of space to fill.
  6. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    FUBAR is the proper term. *Asks self why....why.... pushes button
  7. Watchtower


    reminds me of UTk4, which is a good thing because the brushwork is outstanding in those maps. My advice would be to slightly slighty increase the amount of lighting maybe 5%. I think that would bring out your detail better.
  8. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    ok this has turned into something completely different but i dont care. I think this is too spread but is it heading in the right direction...?? Rocks look weird? Lemme know im actually trying...lol This will eventually have the sides but im gonna TAKE TIME and do it right...speed kills. a few minutes later:
  9. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    they are large now but I can easily get them down to 75% and tile them that way, which would end up in between the first and the last scale wise. as for color a little more time will be able to fix that. thanks
  10. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    ...yeah it was quick, and I didnt go too far into it without posting here. But the goal was to try and remake the original. I scaled down the brick because I thought the original brick was too massive. But I can leave the scaling to the mapper (**hard to remember sometimes) Changes: --used original scale of rocks (512x512) --Lost the crack filing --added 512x512 dirt bottom --added very slight drop shadow to brick for depth --deleted rails for time being I dont think I have anything to use weeds from so ill omit that suggestion for now. NEW:
  11. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    ok, new texture i threw together today Making a remake of the original suggestions?
  12. Watchtower

    1st texture here

    Hey guys this is my first texture post here. I was referred by Izuno. The texture is a diffuse map, 512x512 for HL2 use. Mainly for Day of Defeat. Anyways, its suppossed to be an italian wall. Need work? suggestions? Did I convince you the audience it's italian?? **saved as .jpg for file space and quicker loading Thanks WT edit: moved from the wrong forum <--- spaced it. I also did a little fixing thanks to some feed back, got rid of that hole on the right. Also posted in a higher res format. feel free to post your comments/suggestions.
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