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  1. Marcem wrote: So you suggest men keep making games unwelcoming to women and everything will work itself out? Wtf Why should we make games more welcoming to women? Men and women tend to like and do different things. How many women was there in the crowd at the cs go dreamhack finals this year, in according to rankings, the 2nd most gender equal country in the world? What is the men/women ratio at a hockey game? How many women watch fpsrussia on youtube? Is someone stopping them? Different things cater to different audiences. This is simply a result of men and women being different. Right o
  2. Thanks man. It's certainly not on the same level but I appreciate the comparison.
  3. Tried to mood it up a bit. Cubemaps are a bit tricky in interiors and very particular with the angles.
  4. Aight good feedback guys, thanks.
  5. Scrambling to get this ready for a last playtest asap. T-spawn B-site: Open to well thought out and not well thought out feedback.
  6. Some new "soft" organic props and new lighting among other smaller things.
  7. Thanks for the pointers guys. Yeah "the coming to life part" is a bit tricky for me right now. I'm trying to look at refs to find stuff that would add make the scene feel more complete without messing with the readability to much since its a cs-map after all.
  8. Thanks for the crits Sentura. I tried to adress that. Made some new props and added a lot of decals.
  9. Hiyall. I'm arting this map designed by fellow student Walll, tested and approved by the core on 2 playtests. I've been screwing around for to long with this project, rationilizing things instead of being clear headed about how it looks. Just posting screenshots knowing that others will see it in itself makes it easier for me to see what I'm doing with clear eyes and to push myself to get shit done. I'm also hoping to get some feedback from you guys and please hit me as hard as you can if something comes to mind. It's probably not gonna turn out mindblowing but I want to push it as far as I ca
  10. Yeah that's very true. Thanks man I'll adress that.
  11. Second mid coming along. Let's see if anyone speaks Persian.
  12. It's probably not a coincidence that a lot of us anxious/depression guys get into this industry. You can sit at home and develop these skills without really putting yourself out there in the real world. Even posting wip-photos on this forum made me anxious about rejection and shit like that just a year ago. There are ways to work on your anxiety though. I find meditation helpful, since being stuck up in my head makes me anxious. Nofap was also huge boost for me. I find pr0n really addictive and it fucks with my irl motivation. Check out Gary Wilsons ted talk about it if you haven't already.
  13. Yeah that looks more dark than anything else. Maybe it works better ingame. I made some brogress
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