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  1. Backslider

    new gfx card

    Im reading good reviews on the ATI X800XL also. Faster and cheaper than the 6800GT.
  2. Afraid one of those barnacle things from HL2 is going to eat her?
  3. okay thx, i will watch it Yea, I got this 3 times already. Everytime my score would reach 1000+ it would reset to the previous 820. Very buggy to say the least.
  4. Kosmo, you are an ignorant, illogical, asshat who lacks common sense and starves for attention. Maybe you should go ahead and read the def. of terrorist (which was posted here a short time ago.)
  5. Backslider

    New character

    I'm sorry but I just keep thinking "child molester" when I see that guy.
  6. Anybody into hearing the 1938 radio broadcast? I know where to get it.
  7. Looks like Independace Day when the aliens came.
  8. This is why I give up on mapping for CSS. People will play anything! I hate about 80% of the CS comunity, fuck if I'll give them something descent to play.
  9. The Taco Bell by my house fucks up and puts beans on everything. Even shit that doesn't get beans has beans. Maybe I should order the bean burrito and see what I get, maybe thats were all the beef is going.
  10. http://jediforces.net/headlines.html For the love of god why!
  11. Duh, how would I know if I had "abundant" ram unless I asked around to see how other systems with more ram are running? << I need some ram
  12. Look at the first post and tell me this is a brag thread. I want to know what to upgrade, memory, gfx or cpu. What better way to know, then to compare stats. Looks like memory is a big player here.
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