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  1. You guys might like this. http://www.pandora.com/
  2. Did anyone find it a bit easier than the first episode? I remember the end of episode 1 was really quite a challenge on hard settings. Aesthetically episode 2 was great, but the game-play was a let down at the end. Then again, episode 3 could just be around the corner.
  3. Yo Argyll Any idea's on if Tarky and yourself might start up a aussie testing server, i noticed Jeremy said it might expand.
  4. finch

    2D: Insurgency Wallpaper

    Yeah too bad about times. Aussies always miss out on the latest stuff and I hate downloading, but lost s2 is so good. lol Everyone who signed up to the beta, has like 1 post. Good luck with the testing tho, means you guys are close.
  5. finch

    new archer skin wip

    How did that happen? But I agree with Mazy.
  6. Cool name, suprized it hasn't been used before.
  7. well im seeing theses guys next week From Autumn To Ashes
  8. Well done von. Looks so much better than that max file you gave me. Can't believe you uv wraped everything in like, 1 night.
  9. Not to mention the textures and .qc Its understandable theres alot you can do with the hl2models.
  10. finch


    Im a huge fan of them.
  11. finch

    Uni project buildings

    I really like the medium one, it has a age of empires feel. Should make like a large temple, or courthouse. Keep it up.
  12. finch

    bored ol makes a windmill

    Shit how did that happen? I swear it was on the top. Oh well.
  13. finch

    bored ol makes a windmill

    I want a copy of the grass texture!
  14. Very nicely done. Congrats
  15. Rofl ! That made me really laugh.
  16. Agryll, conveniently saying he got lucky? Volcom Stone Wallet Lets see -money -reciept -cards -id -drinking card And I hate coins in my wallet. The ammount of credit cards and such I have snapped because it was in my backpocket is absurd. Yeah, 4season's are somewhere else tho.
  17. 15th, picked up my copy today
  18. finch

    Post your desktop!

    Man, I want that wacom that you have at your work kleinluka. Looks amazing. What model is it?
  19. Nice, but yeah you should make them high poly unless your going to stick them in a game, or something.
  20. Very interesting and unique. Good luck when you finish.
  21. Love the windows, well done. Probably blury cause of the size.
  22. finch

    Some Pixel Art!!

    Very nice Minotauro. But is there a trick to doing it?
  23. finch


    I wonder what he is up to now with it. Any progress there?
  24. finch


    Any luck with the old skin? I think it was almost identical except for the mapcore logo.
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