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  1. im thirsty for some orange juice
  2. fan made one is cool but a bit cluttered but its wayyy better then sonic4
  3. "The bitter, sweet taste of jealousy and disappointment." yup
  4. cant believe he made so much money off it ;/
  5. game is so borin its all stop and kill, next area, stop and kill
  6. so many weskers in this game
  7. hightower is a interesting map, gets old tho thunder is so big, i guess it was made for full server games.
  8. MJ

    E3 2010

    konami conference was good times..
  9. yes no more shitty 3d MK's this one might actually turn out good
  10. doubt thats official.. looks user made
  11. you can get stuck on the helicopter debris on the 2nd map.. fyi the finale was sort of a let down.. just a bunch of zombies and 2 tanks which can easily be defeated if u camp in the house with the weapons locker. overall 7/10
  12. guess I'll just wiki it
  13. looks decent do i have to play the other games to understand it fully?
  14. dont worry d3 they have forever to work on the details..
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