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  1. Same Lonewolf from ZCS/DLCS forums about 10years ago?!
  2. wilco

    R.I.P Engineer

    Really sad news, one of the handful I really spoke to a lot many years ago in irc - even if he also tricked me many times into seeing the stretch! He will be soarely missed, R.I.P Engy
  3. Not to keen on the inside lines either, and I must admit I still see the shield rather then an inner core as mentioned before - any other way to illustrate the core?
  4. HP I was thinking of the future when we turn into mapcore.porated and take over the world, obviously
  5. I really liked Thurnip's icon, something that could easily be quickly noticable as being 'mapcore' - hope you don't mind Thurnip but ive also done a little mashup using your M but slightly differently. This will probably be my last set, as I got tonnes of stuff to be getting on with
  6. Just a mashup from my favourite bits of other people's logos so far, with a few suble added tweaks
  7. Does look interesting, but I have my guard up until it's proven - that guy sounds too much of a muppet for it to be real ;-)
  8. I thought you didn't like the blue Thrik? I liked the bottom right font too so that's good! If I get the chance ill try and do a KNJ's style cube within my concept killertomato
  9. Errrr, font and colour test... let me know if anyone likes any of them more more then the rest. I'll do some other versions of the cube with the knockout if I get a chance,
  10. Got an example font or two so I can see how you mean Thrik? I'll do a few colour variations
  11. I'll spent some more time after work tonight, do a few variations on the blue one
  12. Must admit, my biggest hate is font selection - so I just picked the first one I thought looked OK just to portray the concept :-)
  13. Oh, and some more influenced by the previous posts Meh, maybe ill revisit if I get a chance before it ends
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