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  1. I think a successful level editor requires a very strong graphically designed GUI. You need to have a solid layout. Establish a good hierarchy with different tools and what they do. Keep it simple, make it very functional and to the point. Try to develop a simple GUI that anyone could use, a 10 year old or your grand-mother for example. It doesn't matter how many cool features you have, If people can't intuitively and functionally use it, due to poor layout, it won't be as successful as it could be.
  2. Just bought this super cheap ($140) shower stall. I'm going to use it as a washout booth for my screen printing endeavors.
  3. Let's hope they bring back Leonard Nimoy to do more narrating. "You have discovered paper."
  4. My friend was telling me the game was delayed till 2011 because they wanted to work on co-op further, which made me very sad at the time. However! Upon further research, looks like the game is only delayed till about April: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/106/1060703p1.html
  5. A friend of mine just recently purchased this for xbox 360 and we've been playing co-op. I think we're both about level 20 now. I really enjoy the character class upgrading and looting aspects of the game. The game mostly has you going on a bunch of forgettable quests to obtain experience and items. It's a pretty repetitive game, but it's rewarding and fun to see your character progress and become better. Other than the RPG elements, it pretty much plays like your standard FPS, although there is some strategy involved when planning your next move. The fire fights and fast moving desert monsters can get intense from time to time. However, I'm not a huge fan of the fact that while playing a splitscreen co-op game with a friend, the character menus don't fit inside your frame of view. You literally have to scroll around an over-sized menu with the right joystick and then select things with the left joystick. It's mostly annoying when trying to compare items or shopping... actually pretty much anything. I have however gotten used to this unfortunate design after a few hours of play and moved on. (To be honest though, I haven't checked for any split screen video options. ) Overall, it's a pretty solid game. If you're really into Diablo and stylized first person shooters, this is the game for you. I think this game would be really fun to play with 4 people all filling the role of an individual character class, as it's already a lot of fun with just one other person. Preferably, I'd rather play this on PC, but when you're playing it for free it isn't so bad. yup
  6. Low

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    go watch children of men I agree, children of men is a great film based on the long cuts and cinematography alone.
  7. *bump* http://www.joystiq.com/2009/08/21/new-d ... zard-site/
  8. Chulahoma - The Black Keys Some fresh 12" vinyl, for the excellent price of only $13 currencies
  9. Losing your job is very unfortunate, I've been a victim twice now, although both were not game studios (not my career path, I'm focusing on web/graphic design). Best of luck to those dealing with this recent setback. Hypothetical side note: I was thinking Mapcore could/should come together and make a professional game design studio... called... um... er... Mapcore? :roll:
  10. My friend has a Gigabyte motherboard and has often had problems with his RAM not working properly. I think we narrowed it down to one of the RAM slots being bad, but I can't quite remember. Basically when a stick of RAM was installed in the slot, the computer wouldn't boot or work properly. But, that's all I really know. He may have just received a faulty motherboard. I'm not sure if this is a common problem with Gigabyte motherboards, but it maybe something worth looking into. Good luck.
  11. Just recently added these to the vinyl collection: Beck - Sea Change Interpol - Antics The Clash - Combat Rock
  12. It's about time this came out.
  13. And let's not forget the awesome 90's era clothing and haircuts, just fantastic.
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